One of the best damn thing in my life is to have them as my best girlfriends.

I really have to thanks God for giving me chance to get close with them. Yea, though I hated form six so much, yet because of enrolling form six, I know the girls even well and we’re even closer! And also ar, because of form six ar, I know Pupu and Sugar and many many and because of them, I got to know my boy and became super best friends and now like this. HAHAHAHA! Okay stop.

People really missing him so much mahhh, what to do? 🙁

Okay stop that. The main point is not about my boyfriend today. HAHAHA!

The two Singapore girls came back for study week. Hence we decided to have an outing and dinner together. Sucha long time never had girls’ night outing. Wheee and finally here we go. Too bad of all, one is missing, our Miss Lulu. She is still in Singapore! This Saturday she will be in Ipoh and we are heading out to somewhere else again. LOL.

Lime Stone again. Yea, the girls noisy me after seeing me had dinner with boyfriend there. Requested to dine in there with them again. LOL. Okay okay. No problem. X)

Me and the sweetie. Wan wan!!! :3

Some candid so called.

Ready to nom nom nom nom.

Green Mussel Soup is a must! I recommend this. And four of us shared this. In the end not enough. HAHAH. Nevermind, we still have main course.

So sorry for the bad quality. iPhone doesn’t really works well under low light. This the Lamb Leg.

The pretty lady as usual. :3

This mine! Super yummy Medium Rare Rib Eye Steak! RM64 only! Told boyfriend even more worth than the Rib Eye that he brought me to eat at Healy Mac. I rather pay extra to have this! Somemore it’s like a few bucks different only?

This is yours truly. :3 Pretty or not. HAHAHAHAH

Lamb Rack. Wan wan ordered this and she still hungry after this. LOL. Coz very less meat only la, compared to mine the Marbled Rib Eye. WAHHH. I damn miss lor.

Salmon pasta. The pasta was just soso but the Salmon win. So in conclusion, cannot order pasta at Lime Stone. I think Italiannies serves the best pasta ever!

Dessert of the night:

This sucks. I don’t even taste this. Looking so nice and thanks Chan xiu jie for helping all of us to QC first. LOL

Same with my last time Choco Ice-cream but this time different decoration one!

Pixie time after dinner. So I just let the picture to do the talking.

Uncle not bad. Capture until my leg so nice.

Headed to Kinta Riverfront for a visit since most of us never been there before. Conclusion, first time and last time ever. Nothing to see. Just a smelly river and some lights. I don’t understand why so many people loitering around there. Luckily boyfriend didn’t waste time to bring me here and pak tor. HAHAHA!

Yes. Same concept with I-city. That’s why it is boring. LOL

This is nice! YOU SEE MY LEG SO LONG. OMG. Look at this photo can lie to myself for a while, that I have mei tui. LOL. Aih, I will try my best to work mei tui out. Promised boyfriend to keep fit. 😛

End our night just like this. Since all of us are girls, it’s better for every one to go home earlier. 🙂 Somemore girlfriend is driving. Dangerous you know.


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//Top and bottom from IHF;

//Jeffrey Campbell in Black Lace sponsored by MultiColette.

Definitely loving this pair so much and now I can haz bootie heels to go Aus during winter time. HAHAHAH! Around June it’s winter time in Australia. So yayy!!

Thank you iPhone5 for making my leg looked slim for a minute. LOL

Every day arm swag, Swarovski from boyfriend. :3

End this post. Gotta spend time on assignment now. -___-



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