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By 八月 4, 2014生活, 跟我吃吃吃

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I was pretty busy over the weekend. I have to wake up early for almost everyday last week omg. So decided to sleep in today and skipped the bloody class! LOL!

So this blog post is nothing much, just post up all the photos! Photo diary and then I can clear the photos as well. HAHAHAH. Fyi, I don’t keep all photos in my laptop.  Probably delete those food photos after posting here.

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Video shooting and attended the food review for Five27@Chulia Court

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Rose Cappuccino from Winter Warmers

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Seafood Waffles. It was too huge for me.

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With the awesome family in Christ.

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Signature French Toast from Miam Miam, Gurney Paragon

Met up with blogger babes. I received complaints from them frequently, that I didn’t meet them up often lol.
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Jxhia, Carmen and yours truly

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Jxhia. Need not to intro. She is the super famous and pretty girl in Penang!

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Carmen Layrynn. Another famous and pretty girl from Penang!

I just love them so much because they ain’t those hypocrite. They’re really friendly and sweet friends. Thank you for encouraging me to continue this blog.

After meeting up with babes, hang out with sister and her boyfriend
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吴发成菜馆 | Location: 59, Lebuh Kimberly, 10100 Georgetown, Penang

This is not the typical steamboat. Least, the soup base is good and it has home-cooked taste. Worth a try.  Price quite affordable.  3 person cost around RM65.
Paid a visit to Bon Odori Festival for the first time, as we never went before.

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And, it was our last time to as well. Too packed, too boring lol.

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life food  (13)

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Andy’s birthday celebration. We were the surprise. Kinda failed HAHAHAH.

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Penang one day tour!  Tested the adventure for the upcoming Amazing Race! Photo credits to Pench

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It was tiring but I enjoyed.

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Photoshoot for Epicure. Kinda different kind of photoshooting.

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Got to know the sweet girl, Skye

life food  (26)
Emily and Skye

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牛肉面 // 炸猪排饭 | 台湾老街 Old Street Taiwanese Delicacies | Location: No2, Jalan Krian (8 Row), 10400 Penang

life food  (28)
Fried Dumpling

Complimentary dessert, Red Bean Pudding




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