Long Hiatus

By 十月 23, 2015生活

Hello dear all! I’m finally back on track. Thanks to the weather that keep emotional swinging like girl, it’s been raining, haze, raining and HAZE AGAIN! When will the haze be gone?

Then, thanks to the heaty food that I ate and in the end I fell sick. Thank God that I’m recovered now. Still, I need to drink more water to avoid this incident to happen again.

This update is not any proper update. 😛 Just to let you know I haven’t die. And I’m killing you guys with the scheduled posts soon. 😛

I made a promise to myself that I need to update more frequently than usual, need to step out the comfort zone and arrange my time nicely. Most importantly, do not use ‘tired’ as a reason to stay in the comfort zone.

So chiaoz. That’s all for today. 😛 Miss me as usual, I will talk to you guys soon!



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