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ma girls (1)
Instead of updating the over due posts and sponsored posts, let me update a latest one first. LOL! And I can’t wait to blog about this also la. Coz it is about my girls and we took a lot nice pictures! 😛 For more photos, you can follow my Instagram (@nicccchang) and Facebook (search:nicccchang).

Such a long time never have a gathering with them, I miss them so much T____T Thinking back those days where we met up almost every day! Seriously, I miss those fun days but reality always doesn’t allow. We have to move on and do what we should do instead of having fun every day. Nvm, we still have plenty to talk despite we are separated for our studies.

Well, girls’ talent I guess. 😛

So it’s my Summer’s birthday! Her birthday actually fell on 23rd June but she was not in Ipoh so delayed to the next day, which is yesterday. LOL! Planned where to eat, what to wear as usual before the day lol.

This time we went for ah nehhhhhh food, Tandoor Grill. One of the classy Indian Cuisine

ma girls
This is the out view of the place. LOL. I googled search one. lol

ma girls (19)

ma girls (20)

ma girls (5)
First testing on Panorama. I was like NOT BAD WOR. See la, my camera gonna rust at home. Luckily didn’t buy the semi-pro camera those day, I’m one of the failed blogger, laziest blogger who dislike to bring the bulky camera. LOL.

ma girls (2)

ma girls (6)
Menu. The menu that I look at it, I had no idea how to make order with these. LOL

So just let WanWan decided on what to eat as she came here before. Teehee. Before that, see our faces first. HAHAHAHA! Selca to kill time! You know how torture when waiting for food. So must do something during the time. XD
ma girls (3)
Le birthday girl, Summer and me! Love you so much my dear and please, eat more. =.= You’re finally 22 now. Muahaha same age with me so no longer call me jie jie! Hehehehe! Wish you all the best and may our friendship long long long long long lasting. Mwahhh! Love you. Hope you don’t xian qi me. HAHAH! Coz I’m annoying. xD

ma girls (4)
Another two darlings! WanWAn and Miss Chan. Another girl, Miss Lulu who was late because of working. Too bad no photo with her. >.< And she left earlier also because dated her mommy. 🙁

ma girls (7)
Harlo harlo. Never thought of knowing this girl. Last time during high school, I heard a lot of her gossips. LOL. Because I was kinda had the bad impression about her. Moreover she was LEO member, I ish hate those who joined LEO last time. Idk why. Worst of all, everybody thought I was a LEO wtffffffff. They said I have the LEO face wtf, LEO got face to see one mehhhhhhhh.

Never forget this:Eh nic I tell you, that girl ar(Summer), very hiao one. Ming ming short-sighted but don’t wanna to wear the spec. Super fatt qiao.” told by someone. I forgot who was that. LOL

Funny right? DON’T WEAR SPEC IS FATT QIAO. We were so childish during high school.

Okay, let’s talk about the food and drinks.
ma girls (9)
Mango Lassi. WanWan said it is a must to order this. It’s some sort of yogurt drinks. Not bad, I’m not a big fan of mango but I can accept the taste. There is other flavours too. If you happen to dine in here, you should have a try. hehe.

ma girls (8)
I kinda like the metal glass. LOL! So pretty hor?

ma girls (10)
Appetizer. I don’t know what it called as but I know it is the appetizer HAHAHAH! Well, the green thingy is the mint sauce which I super love! I think it can blend well with anything! I even dipped other food with this sauce. This showed how much I love mint sauce. Of course, it’s different with the western mint sauce lo! LOL. Different taste but it is nice though. Aiya, nvm la, as long as mint sauce, ME LIKEY.

ma girls (11)
Take a break of that. Feed camera is the trend nowadays! 😛

ma girls (12)
This was the Curry Mutton. I didn’t the exact name because I was not the one who ordered it. xD So agak agak la.

ma girls (13)
Fish Fried Rice. DAYUMMMMM It also served with a white sour sauce which I forgot to take a picture of it. My bad. 🙁

ma girls (15)
They called this as NAN. Something like roti canai but it is more special than roti canai. HAHAHAH! I don’t what am I talking. LOL. So in the end, this is high classy roti canai. OKAY? kkkkk

ma girls (16)
Tandoor Chicken. This is good. If the chicken is smooth enough, will be even better! :3

ma girls (14)
Fish curry. Different type of curry. LOL. THIS IS SUPER GOOD. :3 Tell you what, we even finished the sauce. The sauce tastes good. Must order! But so sorry I forgot what is the name of this. Maybe you can show this photo to the waiter and asked them what is this. 😛

That’s all for the food. But the night was still young. 😛 We paid the bill and went to the toilet and selca time! LOL. OMG the toilet is super pretty with all the big mirros. TYPICAL SAMPAT GIRLS huh? LOL
ma girls (17)

ma girls (18)
Best Stunned award goes to Miss WanWan. LOL

ma girls (26)
Most favourite mirror shot of us! All of us look so pretty lo please! LOL. Buay paiseh and keep praising myself and my girls. Nvm la, happy jiu hao. LOL. More photos will be uploaded on my Facebook. So do check it out!

Tandoor Grill Indian Restaurant
Working hours: (Mon – Sun)11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Contact no: 05-2535995 / 05-2555995
NO.9, Jalan Chin Choon Sam,
Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.

We headed to Bricks&Barrels for second round. Hi long time no see. My working place for last sem holiday.

ma girls (21)
I’m so sorry that we didn’t prepare a proper cake for you my dear Summer. :/ This chocoate lava, as bad as usual. LOL

Guess what, we actually disturbed by some stupid drunk ass. Nvm, they actually sang birthday song for my dear! LOL. And I’m good at “handling” those stupid. LOL. I was actually lied to that uncle. 😛

He actually invited us to drink together with his gang and I very fast and answered “Thank you but I’m sorry because we are going home soon. ” HAHAHAH! So panai. When he asked us where we study now, I lied to him then said studying in Inti. HHAHAHAH! Glad that my girlfriends also panai and follow me to lie. xDDD

Actually is not lying, is protecting ourselves okayyy. 😛

ma girls (22)
Really glad that she loves the pressie that we chose for her. LOL. WanWan and I were actually choose here and there for quite long time. LOL. Lastly choose this pink mug for her. Nah, next time you drink Starbucks i wanna see you use this mug lo. 😛

ma girls (23)
My three pretty girls.

ma girls (24)
The weather hot like dont know what. I forced to tie up my hair so my face looked like pan cake here. -.-

ma girls (25)

ma girls (27)
Yesterday OOTN : Top and bottom from ihf (Malaysia) | Platform from Multicolette | Bag from Charles and Keith

More details about Multicolette in another blog post. So stay tune okay? :3

ma girls (28)
It’s also my first time draw the eyebrow by myself! Last time was drew by Catherine, my gila in Penang. hehehe. How was it? My mum and boyfriend said it is too thick. Well, gonna brush up the skill to draw my brow. I want my tail is refilled! LOL.

That’s all for today. I’m gonna boil TVB now. 🙂



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