Merry Christmas

By 十二月 28, 2013生活

All my friends thought that I will be count down for Christmas at club. So everybody was asking me,

“Where you go ar? Come la join us at XXX”

Anyway, most of them asked me to be…

Backed in Ipoh and drink till die. HAHAHAHAHA!

Sorry laaaa, very hard la. Coz it was not on weekend. I still have to work after Christmas. So sorry la friends lol. Next time la haaaaa. 😛

This time I joined my harvest family for Christmas. We actually rented an apartment and party over there. :3 So I will just let the pictures do the talking this time. Lazy to describe. AHAHAHA.


Oh ya before I forget, this party actually to reward ourselves for being busy in the past few weeks. For the drama service and everything, ahh. That week is seriously killing me. I had been sacrificing my sleeping time for the Christmas service lol.

Owh you know how important sleeping is right? Bed is my best friend forever and ever. XD

During the service, sell drinks team! Actually… I was just sitting at there ahahahahah! NOOO, I contributed by drawing nice wordings to attract people to buy drinks! 😛

The beautiful ladies of CHC PG! Included me okay? HAHAHAHA! Walao eh buah paiseh one.

My cell group members. :3

Okay continue the Christmas countdown party. AHAHAHA !


And this is the present that I had! LOL. They said this present suit me well. XD I just love pink stuff.

Okay that’s all. HAHAHAH! So sorry for the short post. I will try to blog a long one next time.

Christmas, the born of  Christ the saviour~ <3



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