MSO Beauty Facial Mask – Mask Series that You Should Own

MSO Beauty Facial Mask
Hello bello! How’s your celebration of Lunar New Year? I bet must be GOOD and ate a lot of great food right?

Too, I ate a lot. Steamboat, bbq, CNY dishes and etc. Gain weight and the worst is –

I slept at quite late night which explained my tired face now lol.

Imagine, late night sleeping, ate fried food, a lot of CNY biscuit and beer. So my skin now is gone case!

To rescue my skin quickly, I always love to use mask massively.

If you follow all my social media accounts, you would know that I’m a mask freak. I used a lot of masks. I used it at least 3 times per week.

And the brand I used are different as well, as long as they do magic on my skin lol. And in this post, I would like to introduce a brand new mask series that you should own –

MSO Beauty Facial Mask

MSO Beauty Facial Mask
“MSB My Secrets of Beauty is facial mask formulated in France, manufactured in Hong Kong, and deliver right to your door step in Malaysia. All MSB facial mask comes in ultra-thin and transparent silk mask that can hug perfectly on your face like a second skin for better penetration and maximum absorption.”

I’m so in love with their packaging. So lovely!
MSO Beauty Facial Mask

The colours are just so nice, I mean the combination. Hehe.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask

Let’s see what we have in this box of masks:
MSO Beauty Facial Mask
Basically, there are 3 types of masks from MSO.

Facial Firming & Anti Aging Mask

A type of mask that helps you too look younger than ever! Functions of this mask as below:
– Penetrates deep into skin and replenishes collagen
– Boosts the skin elasticity
– Prevents signs of aging
– Smoothens and refines skin
– For plumper, younger looking skin

Brightening Mask

A type of mask that helps your skin to glow bright like clear blue sky. It has the functions as below:
– Treats existing pigmentation
– Prevents the formation of pigmentation
– Repairs damaged tissue and uneven skin tone
– Gives you a natural glow on your face

Hydrating Mask

– Boosts the skin’s moisture
– Nourishing your skin
– Rapid peneration ans strong absorption
– Leaving you an incredible freshness

My skin recently was dull due to late night sleeping. So I decided try out Brightening Mask and review.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask

The mask contains of 3 layers:
MSO Beauty Facial Mask
– Shiny Outer Layer
– Blue Layer
– Soft Transparent Silk Mask

The Silk Mask is actually being protected with a blue layer and shiny outer layer. This is to keep the shape of mask and, most importantly –

Prevent yourself from tearing the mask accidentally lol!

Yes, some of the mask didn’t fold nicely and are not attached with outer layer, when you try to open it up, you will end up tearing the mask accidentally, which is quite annoying.

MSO Beauty Facial Mask
The soft transparent silk mask. Can you see how thin is the mask. The thinner the mask, the more easy for it to “stick” on your face for better absorption.

So this is how you should put on your mask.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask
First, peel off the shiny outer layer. Then apply the silk mask on your face. Lastly, pull off the blue layer gently.

Then adjust your silk mask on your face.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask
That’s it! Sorry, I didn’t clip my hair nicely due to my hair is too short lol.

My Personal Review:

I find this mask is good and I like how moisture it is. Even though it’s brightening mask, but it also helps in moisturizing too. After using it, it is more easy to apply make up and the make up last longer due to hydrated skin.

However, the only thing that I don’t like, it’s the shape of the mask doesn’t really fit mine. Maybe my face isn’t the ideal shape, in other words, my face is too small HAHAHAHAH! So I find it’s hard to adjust the mask on my face.

When my elder sister apply it, (Yes, my sister also tried this mask and she likes it too!) the mask can fit into her face nicely.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask

Overall, the mask is good for moisturizing and my glow face retrieve. Thanks to quick facial treatment and I can head out to meet up with best friends during CNY.
MSO Beauty Facial Mask

And, MSO is now giving away iPhone 6S Rose Gold. Just Tag&Share and that’s it, the iPhone is possible to be yours!
MSO Beauty Facial Mask
Head to Facebook Page of MSO for more now.


That’s all my sharing today. I guess I shall continue to edit the next post lol! BYE!


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