MultiColette’s diary: T-Strap Red Wedges

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This post should be posted long time ago. But due some issues, this reddish baby left in Penang for a month. And now I have the time to blog about it, like finally.

What we called, PROCRASTINATOR. I know I’m failed. Teehee. But I will do the post nicely ofc. 😛 Good thing need some time to prepare. HEHEHEHEE.

Okay. Anyway, thankyou so much MultiColette for sending me this lovely wedges. :-3
The zip behind. Trust me this wedges is easy to wear lolollll! Even standing also can wear it. 😛 Try Aldo’s heels and I’m sure you couldn’t do that. HAHAHAH! Okay, I’m crapping. Aldo’s heels damn high lol!

Front view. The special T-strap. 🙂

I chose this heels as it is suitable for any occasion. Party, shopping, dinner and etc. It’s casual yet sophisticated.

#ootd White peplum top from IHF; Triple spikey gold bracelet from Belated-Duo; Lace shorts from IHF.

And, it makes my fat legs look longer which I always dream to have them.

Do you like it? 🙂

And I definitely Yayyyy to this. I’m so happy to have it. *Ignore my fat thigh fat ass Thank you! I wished to photoshop the fat part but in the end it’s worse. My photoshop skill still sucks. LOL

Ngek, As it is not too high, I won’t be afraid of falling down. LOL. Especially when you’re partying and dancing on the dance floor. It’s not good if you fall down. -____-

So Imma end this post with ‘oh si’ pose.

HUAT ahhhhhhh! I tell you ar, I spent quite a lot of time to shoot myself. Stupid camera without tripod stand is hard!!! So next time I better hire a photographer for myself so that I can do all nice shoot for my sponsors. Still got a lot of pending posts I haven’t done yet. -______-

HOIT ya! Gonna do another post now! Stay tuned.

Cheers. xx


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