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My All Time Favourite Mask

By 七月 5, 2015生活, 跟我扮美美

my daily lazy make up  (21)
Hello! The first week of July has just passed! Time flies too fast and I’m quite scared by it.

Whatever it is, I just have to learn up how to manage my time well and do all the things that I want to achieve!

Anyway, it’s Sunday. A day that you can relax yourself as much as possible because tomorrow we need to work again lol! Let’s talk about my secret to get rid of white acne (粉刺)!
My all time favourtie mask  (16)
Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask Sheets have been my favourite all the time! Before going any further, let me share with you, why I started to use mask?? (Sorry ar, grandmother story a bit lol)

Last time, I always think that mask is actually useless and waste of money. Because I thought that the skin care that I used daily is enough for moisturization. The fact is, it’s insufficient.

And I was so frustrated with the white acne, black heads and oil seeds that surrounded my nose and the area below my lips. Seriously, so annoying that I kept squeezing them with the tools myself. Please, don’t ever follow my way. It will just make your skin worse.

Still remember that I went for laser treatment during early of the year? I was being told that my acne problem is due to dehydration of my skin. I was like what? I spent a lot of money on my skin care and my skin is still dehydrated?

That’s how I realized that my steps are not enough. That’s why we still need paper mask to keep our skin hydrated. I’m sure you came across with how Fan Bing Bing keeps her skin hydrated. Yes, with paper mask! However, we don’t need to be like her who used more than 2 masks each day lol. Coz she is big busy woman and we still have time lol!

From that day onwards, I use mask thrice a week! Guess what,

I get rid of white acne, black heads and oil seeds!

There are all kind of paper mask that you can buy. But always remember that what problem that you are concern with, dehydration, acne, pimples or sensitive? And don’t always think that expensive masks is good. We don’t buy things that are expensive, buy those that suits you and you need them to help you!

Okay enough of grandma story lol!
My all time favourtie mask  (18)
Super in love with this mask because it’s really super duper moisture. Oh ya, some little tips, always put your mask in fridge to make them as cold as it can. It does help on soothing your face and super refreshing after using.

My all time favourtie mask  (1)
The texture of the mask. It’s so thin and so waterish!

My all time favourtie mask  (19)

Put it on and don’t throw away the packing immediately. Pour those “gold” out, don’t waste them!
My all time favourtie mask  (2)
Tadang! The mask solution is so excessive! So now what to do with it?

My all time favourtie mask  (3)
Put it on your neck. They need water as well! (So sorry for the quality of photos downgrade, my camera batt dead at that moment).

My all time favourtie mask  (4)
Your hand, your elbow.

My all time favourtie mask  (5)
Take the mask away after 20 minutes.

My all time favourtie mask  (6)
Pat your face gently for an even absorption.

My all time favourtie mask  (7)
Instant glowing effect and moisture moisture doink doink face.

Again, don’t throw the paper mask away.
My all time favourtie mask  (8)
This is the reason why I love this mask because it’s really really really moisture and don’t dry out halfway like other brand!

My all time favourtie mask  (9)
You can use it to swipe all over your legs and feet!

So this is my secret to have hydrated skin and also get rid of those annoying acne! You may try it out and please be reminded that please choose the products that really hit your problem. If you tried this mask and cause you skin worse, please stop using it.

I don’t want to be blamed that introducing wrong product. It’s really depending because each of us has different type of skin. Do more research and read more reviews! That’s what I do before buying a product.

Btw, you can get this mask from their retail shop at Sunway Pyramid. Or purchase it online through Hermo.

However, the price is slightly different. The price is RM4 per piece if you buy it from Innisfree retail shop; For Hermo (online), it costs around RM4.96 per piece.

 Hope you find this post useful and I will see you next time!


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