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My Favourite Home Cooked Food & Local Food & Snacks

Oh dear food, I wonder why are you so beautiful and attractive. Honestly, I’ve a love hate relationship with you. I love you because you give me a happy tummy; I hate you how you give my tummy happiness with a few of spare tyre! HAHAHAHA!

Still, my feeling after you is love more than hate.  Muahahah! It’s okay, I will find my motivation to exercise. I don’t know, I know I need to exercise to keep fit but the motivation isn’t there and I feel so tired after working. IT’S OKAY, I will find it slowly.

So anyway, tonight I’m going to share my favourite food that I’ve taken recently.
kiwi zespri
Recently deep love with kiwi. I used to hate kiwi and never eat it since I’m young. Till the moment I read the article about kiwi, I only got to know how powerful is kiwi and so I started to eat kiwi constantly. Indeed it helps me to get rid of constipation naturally!

Other than that, one of my thumbnail nail has an uneven surface since dont know when. After I eat kiwi for months, it becomes a smooth surface and better!

So eat kiwi!

Now some home cooked food turn:

hearty food breakfast
Breakfast that I made for Broccoli Head and I on Sunday morning! To cut down our expenses, we decided to buy fresh food from supermarket and cook ourselves. Seriously, if you intend to do some saving, cut down the amount you eat food outside. It helps.

Bread with scrambled eggs and tomato. Hot Dog as side dish lol! Simple and hearty breakfast!

hearty food breakfast
Another hearty breakfast in one of the morning!

self made potato wedges
Achievement unlocked. I managed to make potato wedges and it’s hell a lot healthier than KFC’s.. Thought it will be failed but out of my expectation because it doesn’t oily as I think. No oil on the plates because I did some tricks on the potatoes and thus it’s crispy and soft.

Heaven!Because of this potato, I accidentally cut my nail too.

Anyway, it’s still fried food not really healthy HAHAHAH! That’s why only cook this twice a month.

Behind the potato, if you notice, it’s the Saesongi mushroom according to the Internet hhahaha! I never expect that I cook it so successfully too!

Broccoli Head gave me the satisfied face and ofc helped me to wash the dishes and pan every single time as reward. LOL!

home cook food
Dinner time, I will cut down on meat and more vege. Actually I don’t eat that much of vege in one night. I cook them all because I knew we will be heading out for the next few days. So better cook everything before the vege spoil.

home cook food
Err, this one is a lazy meal. I just cook the tin of 紅燒肉 then mixed it with the egg noodles lol! And add some carrots!

Next on would be the local food and snack that we both love:
asam laksa under the tree penang
I was introduced by Broccoli Head for this laksa. I considered myself as ulu in Penang because I don’t usually know where to get the nice food in Penang. So for Laksa, I only know about Air Itam one. But trust me, after tasting this, you will realise the laksa from Air Itam is TOTALLY OVER-RATED!

If you are interested to try it out, here is the location:

Asam Laksa Under the Tree @ Sungai Ara

Address: Along Jalan Data Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 12: 30 pm to 6 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: N/A

khoon bah kut teh tomyum
This is another favourite of us. A place where you have the best tomyam, the best dried toufu and also the best Bah Kut Teh!

The price for tomyum is totally reasonable, it cost you RM9 only for the big bowl and it contains a lot of fresh fish slices. Totally worth it. To be honest, if you compared to other places of the “mainstream” tomyum, I guess a bowl with fish and extra ingredients will cost you more than RM10 already.

khoon bah kut teh
And I’m so sorry, I forgot the price for the Bah Kut Teh. But I guarantee it’s very the best lo!

Khoon Bah Kut Teh

Address: Jalan Perak, 11600 Penang (you can search it foursquare to direct you to the exact location)
Business hour: 6/7pm to 10/11pm
Contact number: N/A

portuguese tart
This the our all time favourite snack that we wouldn’t mind to drive purposely and just to get these portuguese tart. Needless to say how yummy it is. The picture tells you all!

You can buy these from Summer Dessert Bakery. They do provide a lot of yummy bread as well and we usually purchase extra bread to take it as our breakfast next day!

Erm, I hope I don’t make you hungry at this hour lo! Hahaha! Because now I’m hungry already! Ish! I shall head to bed to avoid myself eating. Resist myself from supper!

See you in next post.



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