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Aloha people! Good morning! It’s hardly for me to wake up early on Sunday! Okay maybe when you read this, it’s already at night ahahha! But I’m preparing this blog post after waking up, not even wash up yet lol!

Anyway, I’m gonna share about some of the new favourite thing that I’ve got recently! Skin care related and also body slimming lol!

#1 Kiehl’s Calendula Toner

Kiehl's Calendula Toner
I bet this is not strange for you. Kiehl’s is a famous brand of skin care and quite a lot of people are using it. I’ve been reviewing and asking around if any friends using Kiehl’s. Ever since received a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to give it a try on this.

Okay, the first contact of this toner is quite good. Fast absorption and love the fragrance of it. However, I don’t feel super awesome effect after using it for 2 months. It doesn’t give me “wow” effect. And it’s quite pricy for me, around RM148. I could have bought another brand which is cheaper and better.

So it’s not really that favourite ahhahaha! Just that it’s something new that I bought lo. 😛

Will I repurchase it? No, I won’t. But for Kiehl’s sun block, a big YES because it’s really good and moisturized.

#2 ENZ Vserum

ENZ Vserum
This is a product ingredient is from Paris and then the packaging is done by Malaysia!  And I think I quite like it.

ENZ Vserum
I love the gold packaging and how convenient it is. Just twist it and you can just pump it out to use.

ENZ Vserum

ENZ Vserum
It has the cooling effect and helps to moisturized your skin. Other than that, it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Most important is it can help to firm your skin.

I saw some of the reviews that faces really became V-shape after using it. But for me, it’s not really working on me. Anyway, I like how it can moisturized my skin and thus reduce acne!

And I got it from the seller of ENNA Cushion, you may check out the contact at the previous blog post.

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#3 ENZ Serum Nature Therapy – Body Slimming

ENZ Serum Nature Therapy
This is another that I think it’s not bad. I like the feeling of after using it. But if it’s effective, I not so sure. This is thanks to my laziness lol!

ENZ Serum Nature Therapy
A serum that helps you to burn fat but it’s different from other fat burning cream.

ENZ Serum Nature Therapy
There are a few people who always asked me how to keep fit while eating so much. But very sad to say that, you guys didn’t see where is my fat. That’s why you think that I’m thin. I’m getting fat ever since I ditched my work out quite long ago, just do it on and off. So, decided to have this serum to help maintain current body figure lol!

Another lazy way la, don’t learn from me! LOL!

ENZ Serum Nature Therapy
Come with this “massager”

ENZ Serum Nature Therapy
Why I said it is different from other fat burning cream? Firstly, ofc it’s not cream -__- (I don’t why am I talking about this lol). Secondly, I like how fast it can be absorbed! No feeling of burning.

But do becareful if you do massage with your hand. I usually ditch the “massager” because it made me so pain after the serum is absorbed by my skin. Don’t contact with your eyes or lips after massaging with the serum, your eyes and lips will feel like burning. What you need to do is wash your hand with water (A lot of time with soap!) then feeling of burning will be gone slowly.

If you are interested, you can get it from the same seller that I mentioned too!

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Still, exercise is the best way to keep fit and fat burning. Seriously need to work it out SERIOUSLY! GRRR! No more take “tired” as an excuse. I want my body figure back! 🙁

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