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My Ways to Make My Life More Meaningful

I considered myself as a quite simple person. I can be satisfied easily, though I get angry quite easily due to my impatient lol! But after I release it out, I will feel much better and continue to be the happy go lucky girl.

You might be wondering why you can’t enjoy your life as much as others do? Or you don’t feel happy for your life? First utmost, you have to understand that everyone has different life and stages, stop comparing with others. In mandarin, we said that ‘你看我好,我看你好’, which means, you think he/she lives the best life, but he/she thinks that you have the best life too.

Got what I mean? Urgh, my explanation sucks. Okay la, whatever it is, you can’t compare your life with other, just live your life to the fullest, be happy and most importantly, live it meaningfully.

Here are my ways to make myself happy, make my life more meaningful.

#1 FOOD as my comforter 😛

Honestly, I enjoy cooking a lot a lot a lot. I told broccoli head, if we have our own house, I want the best kitchen ever so that I can cook and bake. Okay no, I told him I want a wardrobe first HAHAHAHA!

fried rice by nicccchang

I feel good when I’m cooking. I feel good if I can eat the food before any other else . I love it when I see the people I love, especially my family and broccoli head, they finish off all the food that I cook. This kind of feeling, I don’t know how to describe. I love it.

You might asking how do I find this meaningful. Easy, just because I can find happiness through it, simple.

farm fresh mixed berries yogurt drinks
Drinking the best yogurt drink ever! The size that I usually bought is bigger one and when I saw this, I GOT LIKE REAL CRAZY. Broccoli Head described that my face when I got these sizes of drink, exactly look like a 5 years old kids got their new toy.

#2 Have the best date

dessert from miam miam penang
Dating with the best girlfriend, Carmen. Together, we talked about our dream, our life. I guess our age is quite near to 中女 already  So no more having so much fun like those old time. We talk about how to live our life meaningfully. She shared hers and I shared mine. She shared her dream, what she wanted to achieve and so do I. We shared how we got stucked sometime in life too.
live life meaningfully - find your best girlfriend
Sometime, I think you don’t need to have many friends. Just a few friends who understand and accept you as being who you are. That’s more than enough

#3 It’s good to separate sometime

It’s time when Broccoli Head travelled to Hong Kong for work. I like how we both can be independent even though we are not together. I love it. I enjoy the time when I’m being alone too. And we shared and keep each other updated through whatsapp. Thanks to the advanced technology. We can talk like nobody business haha!
hong kong pineapple butter bread
He sent me Pineapple Bread 菠蘿包 to me as souvenir from Hong Kong.

#4 Do what I love to do

Blogging has been playing a big role in my life. I gotta find back to the motive that I started to blog last time. I admit that I got lost and being money blinded recently. Yet, thanks to the people around me and keep remind me that, don’t do things for money. Do it because you love it.

Attended an event together with Carmen and I can’t wait to share the good things with you guys!
nars event - audacious mascara
Anyone is beauty junky like me? Or you actually don’t really make up everyday but you like to keep all the make up kit for don’t know what reason? emoji nicccchangemoji nicccchangemoji nicccchang

#5 Enjoy being as an working adult

Being an working adult is not as easy as I thought. I thought that money can do everything but the fact is we always lack of money HAHAHAHAH! My baby sister now is so wanting to join the working life. I was like “Girl, hold your horse and enjoy your student life okay?” After working, you have to pay a lot of bills yourself, give money everywhere. Then you sendiri kosong LOL!

Okay la, not so pathetic. At least, I managed to save up a little bit every month, better than none. Plus, I thank God for blogging because it does give me some side income.

Whatever is it. You have to enjoy the process of being a fresh grad with low pay LOL! Okay la, not really low. Just that not very high lo HAHAHHAHA! And enjoy to be the moon walker sometime. (If you got what I mean lol)

Once in a blue moon, finally I got to sing K with my super awesome bodohssss!
sing k with colleagues nicccchang
And I didn’t know why there’s the super mic inside the room. We were so excited when we saw it. Everybody acts like a superstar. It was an enjoyable night. Crazy? Whatever. As long as everyone gets to de-stress.

Thanks to our big boss also. We managed to sing K for FOC. Muahahahah!

korean spicy instant noodles
And I love my working environment so much because it has the biggest and most beautiful pantry ever, till the extent that we can cook instant noodles lol! And we tried out this super spicy korean noodles at office lol.

Indeed spicy, but you will addict to it and keep eating. Not bad!

So I guess I’m pretty happy and contented. Even though I don’t really where is my standing point but at least, I got my direction. I know what should I do. I know how to be happy.

Make your life as meaningful as you can. Be happy and good luck.



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