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Nars Malaysia @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

nars in penang  (20)
I was supposed to update this blog post before February. However, the photos took me some time to edit and filter.

Courtesy to Butterfly Project, I was invited by NARS Malaysia for a make over. Supposed to miss this event as I needed to travel for work. But, thank God for the good founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy. I managed to meet them up and had a great time with them.

Once I reached, I met up with Tammy, togehter with Tsi Ying who is the PR of Nars Malaysia, and, Shirley who is the make up artist of Nars. Tsi Ying was explaining to me on the history of Nars.

nars in penang  (21)

Nars MakeUp is focusing on bringing the personalities of the one, not only about beautify but it’s all about being yourself. That’s somehow made me love Nars even more with the great concept. At the same time, she introduced me the latest collection and some of their signature products! A great knowledge I would say.

nars in penang  (9)

nars in penang  (29)

Make Over

After the introduction, Shirley started to help me to do the make over. During the make over, she taught me some make up skills too which I think worth to learn up. 😛

#1 Eyes

For the eyes, I was introduced by Shirley about the eyeshadow palette from Eye-Opening Act, Captivating Range.
nars in penang  (24)
Shades include (Top – left to right):
– All about Eve Duo Eyeshadow | Flesh-toned neutral with shimmer
– Jezebel Eyeshadow | Shimmery sable
– Thunderball Eyeshadow | Midnight Gray

(Bottom – left to right)
– Colomba Eyeshadow | Vintage gold shimmer
– Brousse Duo Eyeshadow | Sable
– Coconut Grove Eeyshadow | Deep brown infused with reflections

nars in penang  (2)
I can tell you that, those shades are definitely my favourite which is more to earth, natural tone. It is called Eye-Opening act because it really helps to “open up” your eyes, which delivers captivating range and dimension for eyes.

Amazing that each of the the colour can just blend so well with each other!

Shirley told me that I can just apply the light shades which includes “All about eye duo eyeshadow” (Top left) and “Colombo Eyeshadow” (Bottom left) for casual outing.

Then for night or dinner, I can just add up the dark colour tone and the corner of the eyes and blend them together. Easy right?

nars in penang  (6)

nars in penang  (3)

nars in penang  (1)

nars in penang  (25)
For eyeliner and mascara, these are the products that she used on my face for this make over.

nars in penang  (4)
Just draw a thin eyeliner.

nars in penang  (8)
And put on mascara!

nars in penang  (12)
I can hang out just like this, just with the eyes shadow. Truely amazed by the shades!


nars in penang  (7)
For face, I was introduced the bronzing powder, Laguna, which is one of the signature products of Nars. And I was so in love with it and I bought it the next few days LOL!

You know what is the meaning of irresistible now lol!

nars in penang  (28)

nars in penang  (10)
I was told that the actual fucntion of bronzing powder, as I always thought that bronzing powder is used to slim down your face so I like to put a lot, especially on my jaws.

Then Shirley said that it was wrong because the bronzing powder is helps to make your face more 3D and sharp, not to slim down your face.

And I should only put it on the side of your cheek bones LIGHTLY, she emphasized that not to put a lot of bronzing powder on your face, or else your make up will look dirty and messy. Then I realized why I always can’t have a clean make up face lol!

Oh ya, a little bit above the nose, the area of your brows, just a bit of shading.

nars in penang  (13)
For blush, Shirley also used the super famous & signature blush (4013N) on me. And I was told that blush must be applied over the bronzing powder.

Wow, I learnt so much during the make over! This is because the concept of mine is all the while being so wrong. HAHAH!

nars in penang  (16)
Can you see the shades on my face? I was shocked to see myself in the mirror!


nars in penang  (18)
Needless I mention, Nars is famous with Matte lipsticks!

Shirley wanted to apply the dark purple for me, which I wanted too. BUT, I thought of I have to hang out with sweetheart after this, so ask her to pick another sweet colour for me.
nars in penang  (26)

nars in penang  (17)

nars in penang  (19)

And this was the selfie after finishing.
nars in penang
I think I really like the make a lot!

nars in penang  (23)

Thanks Nars Malaysia, specially give thanks to Tsi Ying and Shirley for the hospitality.

Of course, thanks to Tammy as well for the arrangement!
nars in penang

And also the goodies bag that comes with Nars Spring 2015 Colour Collection.
nars in penang  (34)
I shall do a full review on this collection separately, as I don’t want this post too long and then you read until your ass pain LOL!

nars in penang  (30)

nars in penang  (27)
Do you love Nars like I do?

I hope you learnt some make up tips from this post! Do head up to their store and try out the make up. I guarantee you will fall in love with it, just like me, who can’t resist and bought some products LOL!

nars in penang  (33)



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