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It’s actually a conversation between my friend and I. We were eating our favourite stall of Pan Mee. In all of sudden, he asked me,

“What were the bad things that you’ve been experienced during work?”

I listed almost all. Then he continued to ask,

“Okay, then the good ones?”

I silent for a while. I told him a lot, but I can’t think of any to tell him.

Then he came out with a conclusion that human actually tends to remember all the bad/negative things, rather than the good/positive things. #likeapro

Somehow, I’m agree with what he said. This society has been influenced by negativity, so much, till the extent of cases of commit suicide is increasing.

I don’t know if you remember, there was a super pretty Taiwan well-known model committed suicide because of internet bullying. From this case, you know how powerful is the negativity.

The toxic of negativity is hard to defeat. But I just want to tell everyone of you who are reading this,

Positivity is the possibility.

Yea, you might get some bad comments or critics from other people. Think of it, you are only human. We couldn’t be perfect. It’s okay that we have flaws and made mistake. What’s important is, the value and lesson that you learnt from your experience.

I encourage everyone to speak more positive words instead of criticising. All of us are same, we ain’t God. We’re human. God created us and give us life on earth, is to let us to learn what He wants us to learn. So why are you criticising people?

Yes, you might be more professional. But it would be better if you change the way you give your suggestions. For example,

“Your make up is too ugly. Can you improve?” – A

“I think you have to improve your skill, maybe you can refer more videos tutorial to learn more…” – B

A or B? Obviously you would go for B, which sounds so much better than A

Some people tends to critic a lot, however, he or she is not good enough to critic. So what for? Especially on Facebook, for example la ha, a girl or guy posted a selfie. People pretty and handsome then they commented plastic surgery la, this la that la. C’mon, if you yourself ain’t perfect too, why criticising? Why not we give praise to each other. Giving praise doesn’t cost you any pain.

Social media is meant for sharing the good article, good experience, something that worth to read. Or maybe entertainment, life hacks or funny stuff which cheer up people. Not for you to create some viral negativity.

For anyone of you, who got attacked by the comments on social media. Be strong and stay positive. Remember, you can’t please anyone. Just be yourself, be happy and have a heart of willing to learn.

Hereby, I encourage everyone to start to speak love and caring. Bring up the positivity and this world will be peace.

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