Nitrogen gas Ice-cream @ The Safe Room

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The Safe Room, I bet you have heard of it before. They are famous with their Nitrogen Gas Ice-cream. The Safe Room the only shop that sells Nitrogen Gas Ice-cream in Penang. Sister and I wanted to try it long time ago and kinda craved for ice-cream this hot steamboat from La Mei Zi!

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I know right, it’s super fattening. Somehow, I just don’t care LOL!

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To be frank, the shop lot is really small. However, I’m really impressed by the decoration and ambience. It’s really a nice place to chill out. I think it’s not really suitable for a big gang to chill by here spontaneously because the place is really limited.

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The decoration

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Same with other cafes, you have to make your order from the counter.

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Flipped the menu as well. They do serve western food, beverages and other dessert such as cakes.

However, we just wanted to try out the Nitrogen Gas Ice-cream hahaha. So here are the flavours:
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I think the coconut should be the significant one. But we don’t like coconut so chose Strawberry, Mango and Choconana instead.

I just really don’t care. I walked around with camera and snapped whatever I saw lol. Somehow I’m surprise that my digital camera (Sony baby that being dumped by me for like 2 years? LOL!) did quite a good job at photography. Thanks my buddy for teaching me how to utilize what I have and some editing skill! New camera? Perhaps another 2 years lol!

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I was curious about the process of making Nitrogen gas ice-cream. So stalked at the counter. Somehow, I can’t really get it too. HAHAHAHA. All I know was about the smoke only (as shown in the picture).  No la, it is the nitrogen gas okay!

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Feat my beautiful elder sister in this post. I’m sorry that I have to make it like colourless because I hate yellow picture so yeaa, cut down the saturation 🙂

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From the top: Choconana, Mango and Strawberry

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How is the taste. They taste like real fresh fruit. The mango is just so mango and strawberry is really strawberry HAHAHA. This is because they are made from real fruits which I think is good. Especially for me, the people who doesn’t like to bite and cut fruits LOL! (I’m the laziest girl in the world).

But for the Choconana, I don’t taste any chocolate, only banana. Still good anyway.

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Definitely will pay my second visit for the main course and cakes! 🙂 But I guess I should pick the right time to go because I don’t like to chill in a too crowded place.

The Safe Room
Facebook Official Page:
Location: 42, Campbell Street, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12pm to 11pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 6016- 521 2860

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On our way to the car. Beautiful Penang.



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