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Hello all. So sorry for the hiatus. Because I was busy for assignment and too busy for emotional swing. HAHAHAHA! Yea, I’m better day by day. Don’t worry, I’m still the happy go lucky girl!

So this post is about photoshooting with Number Nine Studio which located at Bukit Mertajam. Actually I tagged along with Carmen and Jxhia only. HAHAHAH! Okay, just went for fun and never experience official, professional shooting. It was fun, which is out of my expectation. I thought I would be stressful because I’m not good at posing.

Behind the scene #1. I was preparing and make up for the photoshooting!

We actually intended to do a “Black&White” theme for the shooting. Tadahhh, here is the white theme series. I don’t own any white knitted wear in Penang. So borrow Carmen’s. LOL! Great that I can wear it omg. Because both of them are petite size and so cute that I’m gonna daaiiii.
lightleak style-05
Actually, we did not really pose for the camera. Photographer asked us to play ourselves and he snapped himself there. LOL! So you can see most of the photos are candid one. You see the stupid smile of mine. LOL. And my nose! WAH! Never know that my nose is so nice and sharp. HAHAHA! Korean nose. 😛

Somehow I miss it. :-/ I have already been two weeks never selca because I can’t smile properly.

lightleak style-06

lightleak style-10
One of full length. LOL. I was so afraid I looked huge in between them. But the outcome was good LOL. Not bad. Guess what, I was wearing Jxhia’s shorts! Means I thin already lol. I thought I couldn’t fit it because she is really petite in size. She told me that she wants to grow taller; I told her I want the petite size. LOL. Come let’s exchange body. xD

Don’t you like the effect? The photographer did not edit much though, just the lightning. 😛

lightleak style-12
You see the face round like what. -.-

lightleak style-04
Personally loving this. Super natural okay. :3 Jxhia is sho adorable here. :3

So here come the black series. We three wore everything in black initially. But the photographer said it’s weird and prefer us to wear like this. LOL. So yea, not bad right. GOT STYLENANDA FEEL OR NOT? hahahaha!
lightleak style-15

Carmen gave up in the end because she said she doesn’t look good in this kind of style. 🙁 So Jxhia and I twin shoot!
lightleak style-21
This picture looks a bit funny because of my pants. -___- I didn’t fix it nicely. Nvm, you just focus on the face la okay? Kkkkk. Got DUOGIGS  feel or not? 😛 Superstar wannabe.

lightleak style-27

lightleak style-24

lightleak style-28

Still have some photos and vlog! Coming soon!

I’m gonna shoot with Number Nine Studio again very soon. Very surprise there is boutique requested me to take for their apparels. *shy* Looking forward because I know I’m gonna learn something new again! :3

In case if you’re interested to shoot with Number Nine Studio,

Here is the Facebook page:

In fact, you should find him because he is friendly and does not act like ego photographer. You know what I mean. :/ The outcome of the photos you can see it yourself. Definitely worth for the price. For more information, you can PM the page. 🙂



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