I’m here to promote a bit. HAHAHAHA! I bet you already my blog shop finally launched! :3

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I tell you ar, we actually wasted a lot of time and money on searching good products for you girls lo! So you all better appreciate la ha. 😛 The theme for this collection? No, we don’t have theme. LOL. We gathered all the nice apparels in this collection. 🙂

Quite happy also, for these few days with all the crazy orders. OMG, customers are being too sweet to me! And thanks to my friends who supported me by purchasing some of the clothes! Thanks God for all these, how could I not to be thankful all the time! :3

So roughly, below these are the stocks that are available. I’m not showing all here la, just some of them okay? If you’re interested then go to my page and click a like! THANK YOU FIRST! Link here: https://www.facebook.com/giselleantoinette.my

A0003 (11)
Bohemian Eyelet Dress in Red. This colour is nice! Don’t you think so? LOL. I super like this actually but I cannot straight take from my stocks coz very limited. -.- If I take, my partners and I gonna eat grass. xD

A0004 (8)
Striped Bustier Dress in Pastel Green/Mint. This colour also very special lo! That I really like it so much laaaa.

A0015 (1)
Geek Long Top in Dust Blue. It is one of hot sellers! There are another two colours but all SOLD OUT in just two days! Damn happy la! Last piece already!

Anyway, if you think this top is too long, just tuck in or roll it up and tie a knot beside. Damn chio lo! 😛

A0023 (10)
Our denim series also very nice one la! Damn good quality okay. Thick denim, not the thin one. :3 I also want it but -.- not stocks. Stupid la.

And also thank you Christina for joining us this time! Look at her, one word YOUNG. Only 16 years old girl and has sucha good fashion sense already! >,<

Throw back when I was 16, I was a nerd. LOL

A0024 (1)
Sleeveless Denim Top also! This left only ONE piece. :3

A0028 (8)
A lot of cropped top in this collection as well. This Off Shoulder Bling Cropped Top also another hot seller! Currently left a few pieces only! So hurry to grab yours now!

Okay, enough of advertising and hard-selling. HAHAHHAHA.

Starting a business really not as easy as I think, seriously need a lot of patience. Actually in these few days, I actually argued with my partner aka best friend. Super伤感情 super stress! Because all of us handle everything for the first time, a lot of things that we actually did not know and wasted a lot of energy and time and MONEY. -.-

I’m glad that, though we girls threw temper to each other, we will apologize to each other after cooling down. Especially Cassy and I. Basically, we are the only two who argued in the group. HAHAHAHA! Just because our temper and character are being too alike. 😛

Good thing also, we are still learning how to control temper and so many things! Tehhehehehehe. So nvm la, argue once a while, this also tested how strong our friendship is. HAHAHAHA! 😛 Okay, I’m so sorry for being harsh sometime okay. But i really sayang you this girlfriend one <3

So let’s work hard together and make Giselle Antoinette to grow enormously!

Pray for our good business okay! :3



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