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So sorry. Realised that I missed to blog this out! LOL.

It’s actually a birthday celebration for my little sister. Purposely requested my bossie to work morning shift and off early for that day. Okay, just tried once enough. Working with a sleepy mode is not a good thing. Wtf. 

And… Whole family forced me to treat them since Im earning quite a lot. =.= For your information, they dint bring any cents in their handbag. Kept on asking did I bring my debit card etc. Coz normally I will hide the debit card at home so that I wont simply use it. LOL. 

YES larr. Brought it!! Inside my purse okay?? No worries. xD

This time went for Japanese! Since little sis wanted to try japanese food. Okay, brought her to Oh Sushi since the food there not bad and the price reasonable. 🙂

Steal the pic from the other website. Lol.

 Little sis and mum

 Elder sis. She’s wearing the same colour with me from the head to the toe. -.-
The birthday girl. Over already. LOL. Her birthday falls on 22th Aug. Hees.
Your majesty. Told her not to use the colourful bag. =,= She said it’s nice to use. I did bought her handbag. Aiyorrr.
See. Chopsticks. LOL. Same colourssss.
We’re so hunggrryyyyyy. All of us ordered bento. It’s like… trillion years never eat. LOL. Our table truely full with food. Actually, all of us very can eat! You guys know that bento included a lot of things to eat right? That’s not a problem for us. Cleaned all!
 Little sis ordered this. Errr, something like teriyake salmon? Forgot the name.
 Elder sis’s. Mayo Chicken. Agak agak like that laa. xD
 MINE!! Very huge set! Salmon is always my favourite. LOL. So many things only costs RM38.
Side order. Yiiiiii. Feel so hungry right now.
 Mum’s bento is the most expensive. LOL. That’s why it took time to cook. xD

 TaDangggggggggg. Mum’s Unagi bento. Another huge set too. LOL. Told you, we’re very good at eating. xD
 Mum’s blissful face. Ofc lorrr, no need she pay mahhh. LOLLLL. Extremely happy. 😛

  Damn cacat la me. Face that lack of sleeping. Pity me. 
Happy Belated la Esther Chang! LOL. Straight A’s for PMR kay? Well, at least get 6A’s la. xD

After family gathering, then met up with the dudes and his friends. LOL. Watched the comedy. 
This stupid movie seriously Laughed My Ass Off. Well, not a meaningful one. All you get is Happy laughing. LOL.
Till now and then. 

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