#OOTD : Casual With Denim

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Here is my virgin post regarding fashion. I always wanted to start off some fashion posts, just like other fashion bloggers did. However, I gave up half way, as I could not snap a good quality picture.

Another concern, I don’t have nice and expensive clothing. My friends encouraged me to kick start with some fashion posts ever since I love photoshooting (Erm, basically I love being shoot by others hahahahah!). The first thing I told them, “I don’t have nice clothing, wardrobe is limited.”

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Slowly, I realised that, fashion isn’t just about fashion. Fashion is about comfortable, being what you like, you being you. I saw some of the people follow whatever fashion icons wear. We don’t copy fashion blindly. We need to find out the style that suit ourselves and of course, being comfortable with it.

Thank God too that I met him and he can help me to shoot some nice photos.

I always love being casual, yet it doesn’t look messy. That’s why a simple plain white/black top is a must in my wardrobe.
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Second must in my wardrobe, skinny jeans in black or any black pants. I prefer black pants because black cover my fat thigh.
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Denim is another basic thing that you should not miss. I crazy of denim because it is simple, casual and just easy matching with anything. The best thing, denim never old.

I have owned 4-5 different design of denim top and jacket lol. If you ask me, why the denim above seems like oversize. It is oversize because somebody bought wrong size and gave it to me. It’s too big to be a top itself, so I just take it as outerwear.

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Shoes, I prefer wearing flats/sneakers more than heels. However, I do like to collect heels as well! LOL! Kill me. 😛

Detail of ootd:
-White top from H&M
-Skinny Jeans in Black from H&M
-Denim Top (Man) from Brands Outlet
-Loafers from Insta blogshop, @mosquito_boutique

I guess this outfit is suitable for any occasion. College, work or school. So how do you find it? Do let me know if you like this post by commenting below.

Remember, fashion is always about being comfortable, being yourself. Don’t copy fashion blindly.


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