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Optometry Shop in Penang

optical shop in penang (13)
How silly was I, when I was a kid. I always jealous of those who were wearing spec because I thought they were so cool lol! In the end, I tried my best to make myself short-sighted and requested Mummy to bring me and made a new spec for me.

And now, I super regret on didn’t take a good care of my eyes and being so stupid to jealous people with short-sightedness.

Dumb enough durrr. It’s another amount money to spend right now, for contact lens and new spec lol!

Courtesy to Focus Optometry, I have the opportunity to do my eyes check up for free, together with my babes.

Btw, just to let you know, you will notice that my clothes in the photos are different all the times. This is because I went two times! The first time I went and everything was fine, however, the photos are gone coz stupid SD cards can’t be read.

So I went alone for the second time to retake some scenes lol!

optical shop in penang (15)
A photo of the cozy environment. 🙂

optical shop in penang (14)
I was invited to try out their new machines for eye pressure, eye surface, lazy eyes and also the most important one, Glaucoma aka 青光眼.

#1 Corneal compensated tonometry

optical shop in penang (1)
This is the machine for eye pressure. Ben was explaining to me about how this machine works and so forth. At Focus Optometry, they use a special kind of tonometry which is known as corneal compensated tonometry.

The difference between a normal tonometry and a corneal compensated tonometry is the corneal compensated tonometry takes into the account for measurements error induced by corneal biomechanics. Therefore, this type of tonometry will produce a more accurate measurement compared to the normal tonometry.

optical shop in penang (2)
All you need to do is just open your eyes as big as possible. Then wait for something to shoot your eyes. HAHA! It isn’t pain at all no worries!

optical shop in penang (4)

optical shop in penang (3)

optical shop in penang (5)
The result which consider good! Hahaha! Thank God man. Phew..

#2 Slit Lamp Examination (Eye surface)

optical shop in penang (6)
This machine is to test out if which lens is suitable for you eye surface. I know right, for those who wear lens, sometimes you experience your lens will drop down slowly if you look up. Or just will move whenever you blink your eyes.
optical shop in penang (22)

Using this instrument, optometrist can pick up diseases like cataract, corneal problems, eye lid problems, etc. Another major usage of a slit lamp is for contact lens fitting. For a proper contact lens fitting, a slit lamp enables optometrist to determine if the contact lens is too tight or too loose for our eyes.

optical shop in penang (23)


Parents! If you have kids that have lazy eyes! You can bring your children for the treatment here! Get rid of lazy eyes! 🙂

It is a condition in children when vision does not develop properly in one eye. If it’s left untreated, a child’s vision will never develop correctly in that eye.

Vision impairment becomes permanent because as the child’s brain matures, it will “ignore” the image coming from the poorly Seeing Eye. That’s why it’s essential to have a child with amblyopia regularly tested by an eye doctor or optometrist.

optical shop in penang
The first time I came here I thought it is for them to relax their mind during working hours lol!. Coz all you need to do is just play the game that they provided.

optical shop in penang (8)

optical shop in penang (9)

#4 Fundus Photography – Glaucoma
optical shop in penang (7)
This is another interesting one. It’s important to check if you have glaucoma. In other word or direct translation, green eyes! Hahahaha!

You just need stay there and let the camera do the magic lol.

The fundus camera we use at Focus Optometry is a Canon non-dilating fundus camera.

The importance of fundus photography is to enables the optometrist to access the retina to look for any abnormality such as nerve swelling, or bleeding of the vessels in the retina.

optical shop in penang (25)
Yea, it’s a huge flash till the extent of you can’t open your eyes lol! But just endure with it. Coz you will get the analysis for your health of you eyes okay?

This was mine! Thank God once again, my eyes are considered healthy overall!

optical shop in penang (20)
Then mingled around the shop with babes. Baby Jxhia

optical shop in penang (17)

optical shop in penang (21)
If you’re looking for shades, in Focus Optometry they do provide wide range of brands and style of shades!

optical shop in penang


optical shop in penang (19)

optical shop in penang (18)

I had fun and learnt something new during the store tour of Focus Optometry. And also, great time to catch up with all the pretty babes as well!

And of course, I have a good news to share with you! You can use the voucher of RM30 below and purchase their products there!
Just save down this cash voucher and show them when you want to purchase! I personally loving the style and brands of specs or shades that they provided. And before I got invited by them, I actually purchased from them before. Yes, my current spec is from them,I can’t wait to receive another new spec from them!

It’s so important to take a good care of your eyes, as eyes is the window of our soul. *Macam Yes lol  If you’re looking for optometry shop that provide good service and products in Penang, Focus Optometry definitely can be one of your choices!

Focus Optometry

Branch at Burmah Road

368-1-2, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Branch at Pragin Mall

33-G-09 Prangin Mall, Jln Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Penang, Malaysia.


Tel: 042266684 (Kevin)
Official Facebook Page
Official Website



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