Oscar Award Best Dresses in 2015

I bet you know about the most happening event on earth! OSCAR AWARD 2015!

I’m not concerning about the nominees and who the hell won all the awards. HAHAHAH! That’s only one thing that attracted me to watch it is THE BEAUTIFUL DRESSES! God damn pretty and elegant which I think….

I can’t carry the dresses well if they were on me. Damn sad case lol.

For the striking, sharp colour, I definitely loving these two.
Scarlett Johansson is definitely looking hot with that short hair that I wanted to cut but can’t lol. And her body is much more better than me (so much guilty, I gained 1kg because of CNY). And I super like her dress, Atelier Versace Deep-V Long Dress. It is definitely looking ELEGANT.

Rosamund Pike stunned in a strapless hot number by Givenchy. I like the design at the waist. The red lace dress featured a scalloped neckline. Ah Perfecto yo!

oscar award 2015 (5)-horz
For the nude and sweet series, above the three dresses are probably my favourite.

Anna Kendrick, oh another favourite girl of mine and I felt in love with her by watching Pitch Perfect! I’m amazed by her beautiful voice. I’m surprised by how she dressed for Oscar because I thought she will be wearing something like Black or Gold? I don’t know, I think that she is kinda bold. Or maybe I assumed wrongly ahahaha! After hard work of research, I could only knew that she was wearing the pink dress which is belongs to Thakoon’s design.

Jennifer Lopez! God damn, another favourite! She is so hot! And I love the dress that she wore, Elie Saab dress that featured a voluminous skirt, detailed beading that floated down the length of the gown and tuns of tulle. Of course, with her super hot body, the dress definitely looking great on her!

Chloe Grace Moretz! Can you tell me why she is so cute and sweet! The reason I like her dress by Miu Miu is because, it is sophisticated. HAHAHHAH! Simple yet it brings the young energy and sweet of Chloe.

For the white series,
oscar award 2015 (8)HOW COULD I MISS OUT MIRANDA KERR!!!

Basically, I love whatever she wears. Yes, I’m biased like this.

oscar award 2015 (9)Another white dress that I quite love. But why you wanna wear red gloves! LOL! However, congratulations to Lady Gaga on her engagement!

And bravo for her performance! I could never imagine that she can sing kind-of-opera! And my preferable oldies movie and sound track – The Sounds of Music

Speaking about the make up, I prefer the sweet one, where they focused on their cheeks.
oscar award 2015 (2)
Can you tell me why Chloe Grace Moretz is so freaking god damn sweet??? She deserved to be together with Brooklyn Beckham.

oscar award 2015 (1)
The red lips makes.

oscar award 2015 (3)
The Earth-toned series. I love this kind of make a lot, but I don’t know why it looks messy and dirty on me. Hmmm, gonna learn it up!!

Done my sharing. Which one is your favourite dress of Oscars 2015?



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