Outing with Jacqueline the Ooi

This post is another throwback lol!
Outing with jac
So did you ever do this when flu? LOL!

We went to Paragon together and searched for present, for our friends respectively LOL! So set the day and here we go.

We were actually discussing where to have our lunch. Initially we wanted to go hawker stall, I always prefer hawker stall because it’s cheap and more choices. However, God doesn’t want us to go for hawker. Started to rain when otw. So yea, let’s say hello to Sushi Zanmai! 😛

Outing with jac  (2)
Cawanmunshi is a must to order when comes to Japanese food!

But, seriously, don’t Sushi King’s. The worst Cawanmunshi ever. No offence. Seriously, I only go for Sushi King when it has the RM2 per plate festival. LOL. Other than that, I don’t think anything that can drive me to have meal there. 😛

Outing with jac  (1)
Outing with jac  (5)
Okay, I want to have another round of Shashimi! Anyone? LOL

Outing with jac  (4)
Jac’s. Something like Tempura prawn. This girl very funny one when she was choosing her meal. She wanted to Shashimi and this at the same time. So I told her to order both and eat la! HAHAHAHAHA! 😛

Side order this as well.
Outing with jac  (6)
Didn’t know what it that. But inside got salmon one. X) So definitely very yummy.

After filling our stomach, then started the hunting! So I went for Sephora to get the present for my dear Wan Wan.
Outing with jac  (8)
Definitely loving the set. Even myself also want to get it. LOL! Omg, I must resist. But.. wait my salary then I want to buy the Benefit’s Rose tint! :p

I really glad she likes the make up set that I chose for her. Teehee. Much love ya.

Outing with jac  (7)
OOTD Knitwear from IHF(Malaysia) and Shorts from CottonOn. Nothing impressive, but comfortable and I love it. 😀

Outing with jac (2)
US. Gotta hang out again okay?

Cheers. xx


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