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If you follow my facebook&twitter&instagram, I guess you saw my spamming about Elevate before the party. Teehee. Did you manage to join the party? Well, I hope you did dear all! If you didn’t manage to, nevermind. Do stay tuned for the next event of Elevate. Or you wanna follow me to get updates also can. 😛 
Alright, stop crapping. Im gonna start to story my party experience on the last Saturday, July 14. 
20 bloggers (included myself) were invited the party of Elevate, which held at Penang International Sports Arena (P.I.S.A) . It was my honour to be invited by them as VIP. 😛 Yes, it’s my first time being the VIP for party! We were pampered by Elevate throughout the whole night.
I shall let the pictures to do the talking for this post. Let’s start!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Mike who was so kind to pick me up at Ipoh to the event. We (Mike, Nicholas and his gf and ME) reached the PISA earlier than anyone because we cant wait to party with Elevate! ;-P
After a while, another group of bloggers reached. Took a few pictures with them before the party started! So happy to meet some bloggers from KL! 😀
Me, Shirnie, Samantha, Vivian and Karmen. With all the pretty ladies. 🙂 Guys, dont jealous. 😛
Photo from Samantha
Same people but from another angles and camera #paparazzimoment. 😛 A few cameras snapped us at the same time! Whoaaa. Too pretty to resist to snap us. HAHAHA! *thick face
Another blogger from Kl who I knew virtually, Bendan aka kahmon. All the while, we communicated with each other through twitter and facebook and finally we managed to meet up! Nice to meet you bendan. Teehee. xoxo.

After waiting Don and others’ arrival, we received our VIP passes. Teehee. We were given all the privilege by them! Imagine, how good it is if every time party also being treated as VIP. #likeaboss

The 20 of us were ushered to the VIP table which was just right in front of the stage where you can see all the artist invited so clearly! Mean while, I felt like a big boss because all of us just walked into the party venue without lining up for registration. You cant image how freaking long was the queue. Everyone of them were looking at us. I bet they must be jealous of us because we didn’t need to line up for register and security check which took quite some time. Teeehee.

Well, I felt myself like walking on red carpet for Oscar award more. HAHAHAHA! 
See the queue! As they were still waiting for registration, we started to capture/selca inside the party already. 🙂 All thanks to Elevate! 
We were being served like a king in the party with the free flow all night long and also enjoyed the moment to see the performance of the artist invited! As I mentioned, our VIP tables just right infront of the stage so yea we could see them clearly and also, not to forget to capture their pretty/handsome faces. 
Here we go with all the performance from the artists.
The emcee of the night. She had very good voice projection. 🙂 Clear and sweet voice.
DJ Sierra Lee was the first to pump the party up! 
And ofc, she did throw some nice remix for the party goers and heated up the party! All the people danced included myself also move a bit while taking her pictures.
Teeheeeeee. DJ Sierra Lee with me. So pretyy right! I love her white dress so much lo! We also given the privilege to have some session meet with the artists. Hehehehe. *ignore my stupid face here. =.=
Photo from Samantha
Kisses for Samantha pretty babe. This was the second time I party with her. Teehee. I will head down to Kl to find all of them one day. Let’s see when I free to. 🙂
Photo from Samantha
And also I met another two sweetie pie. From the left, Shirnie, Vivian and Samantha. I paiseh to stand beside them please. All of them so skinny and tiny size one! Eat more please. Lolol. 
For the next, the long awaited Mocha girls’ performance! Not to deny, they have super hot sexy face and body which made me nose bleed for a while. LOL. Tummy all flat one le! *Looking at mine, flabby flabby . =.= So jealous! 
Ofc, we could hear all the screaming and cheering for Mocha girls once they’re on the stage. They perform their singing with the sexy dancing! Wootsss!
The Mocha girls being so friendly with all the audience. They interacted with audience by playing some games and singing. And Henry Lee was the lucky one who caught by Mocha girls to sing with them. I bet he was very happy that night.
Photo from Samantha
Shirnie was the lucky girl too! She caught by Mocha girls and sang with them too! 
And some romantic moment too… Mocha girls requested two single man from the party. Both of them have to do something to catch the mocha girl’s heart. Guess what, Sam did it! Mocha girl loves him and dedicated a song for him. OMG. 
Mocha girl was hugging him! Well, I can say, Sam, you’re the luckiest guy in the world! 😛
Non stop of capturing with them. With Shirnie. She’s so tall! Fyi, she only wore flats for that night. Tall and thin and pretty. How good. I asked her to eat more and she told me that she tried but cant gain weight. T___T Me want too. 
Photo from Samantha
The girls with Mike. See, he was so blissful with all the pretty girls around him. HAAHA. Buay paiseh keep on praising myself here. 😛
See how happening the party was! I seriously adore the red hair of Karmun so muchiee. :-3
Have no idea why Don loves to play with it. LOLOLLL.
Teehee. With another sweetie, Yeeing. Aww, did you notice something? 😛
Oh, Ryan the photobomb! Haha! 
Following up with the Elecoldxhot. They did a very nice performance and never failed to make the audience to scream for them, especially the girls. HAHAHA. 
Lastly the party DJ Hiloco aka Nerodoll who flew all the way to Penang from Japan just to play remix for party rockersss!!! 
End my Elevate post with this. All the pretty ladies with me. *evil grins. I know you jealous of me because I got to know all of them. Nice to meet you all. Meet next time! :-* Xoxo
Thank you ELEVATE for the awesome party and the VIP experience #likeaboss and ofc I cant wait for the next event of ELEVATE. Well, hopefully I got chosen as VIP again for next coming event, pretty pleaseeeeee???? *buay paiseh again 
And ofc, not to forget about Don who brought us to the party. Thanks Don! 
I will update this post again once I collected other pretty photos from the photographers.
Happy reading. I hope I bring the heat to you. HAHAHA!

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