I, honestly enjoy parties a lot! 😛  Does it sounds bitchy to you? Whatever, some people think that girls who love to party are bitchy,


Talking about parties, of course there’s a few things you need,

Good drinks.  Of course the drinks/liquors that you like right? No fun when you’re drinking some other stuff that you dislike and in the end didn’t drink anything and get high. LOL. Got point? Got laaaa. X)

Good music. Music sucks everything no fun. LOL! I ish that picky. So yeaa.

Good companion. I’m going to elaborate a lot on this! 😛

Frankly, I hate to party with kind of people who,

Be a kayu in the club and watch you dance. C’mon, what’s the point you hit to the club then? At least move a bit your shoulders and join the hype hype? But you just standing at there and watch us to have fun? Weird. The point to hit to the club is to relax and enjoy the music but why standing at there?? =..= I don’t get it seriously.

Don’t drink in the club.  So you join the gang to club but you don’t drink??? So what’s the point? Even worse, don’t drink don’t dance, just stand there and watch you to have fun. Aiya, go back home sleep la. =..=

Act like princess/prince. Bitch, truely bitch. Too hard to talk on this, 很抽象. lol

Too far from the purpose I blog tonight, lol. Eddy’s 21st birthday bash! Initially, we planned to hit the newest club in Ipoh, SOS.  Too bad full of reservation and we’re hell 20+ people in le gang this time. So yeaa, changed to Barroom. Such a long time I never been there. Well, if you went Kl’s and Penang’s club 😛 You wouldn’t come back for Barroom seriously. I hate Barroom because it’s too small and no dance floor and the music not that nice too. 😛

But we had no choice. Anyway, we did heat up the Barroom. Surprisingly, Barroom wasn’t that packed compare to last time. Okay, SOS was a strong competitor 😛 Or maybe we’re at the centre so don’t feel the pack. Aiya whatever. I did enjoy the night with le gang. Great party goers  🙂

Le paparazzi moment! Flashhhhhhhyyyyyyyy



Fyi, my face was red because dance too hard. X) Not because of drunk!

Gab gab and I 😀

Playing hei bai chai! LOL

The best photo of the night! I love myself here! Thanks Jason for the photo! 🙂

#ootd #ootn : Kylie Lace Bralet in Mint; Aztec Knit Skirt in Black White. Both from IHF (Malaysia) Teehee. I will blog a proper one soon! Still got one more piece! 🙂 Thanks for the amazing apparels!

Le end. I went home at around 2am because mummy called! LOL. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday once again, Eddy! Wish you all the best and don’t get taller already lol. He 192cm fyi. Thanks guys for the night, UTP people always rocking! Till now and then, see ya! 😀 Well, I have to credits to the boss who busy in love for introducing me to the bunch! HAHAHA!

Before I end the post, the ceiling of my house toilet dropped like tanah runtuh. Luckily no one inside there peeing! Imagine, peeing halfway and the things dropped and you can’t run away from it because you’re peeing. Oh kaw kaw~ lol.

Have a good night.



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