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During the past three months, I was not busy with studies only, but I had some photoshooting on go too! Thank God for all these shooting. I learnt something indeed. I always love photoshooting because I got to learn which is my best angle for camera and how to cover the weakness of my body, for example HOW TO COVER THE STUPID WIDE HIP BONE WHICH I HATE THE MOST LOL. Most importantly, I learnt how to be more confident and unleash my inner talent. HAHAHAHA! Okay, ignore my last line.

I remembered it was a rainy day but I had to wake up earlier to prepare myself before the owner reached my doorstep. Yea, I’m lucky enough. Each time photoshooting, I always have drivers to fetch me to the venue. Well, not lucky. I have to be thankful for all these.

Initially we wanted to photoshoot at Straits Quay. However, we were chased out by the security guard there He said that we have to apply permission from the information counter and etc. Sienx liao. Then we carried our stuff into the car and think where to shoot.

In the end, we went to the Winter Warmers which located at Precinct 10. Meanwhile, we had our tai tai time also, since we hadn’t take our breakfast yet.
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This coffee made me lao sai. Luckily I only felt like lao sai after the shooting LOL! Personally loving those high tea pot and glass and plate from Winter Warmers. But hor, too expensive lo

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The chicken sandwich. Whoa, I love my iPhone5! LOL. That’s the reason why I don’t want to buy a new camera for myself. At least, the quality is good enough for me to blog and present to you all lol! Okay la, maybe next time, in future, I will buy myself a semi DSLR camera. 🙂

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And guess who I met? The pretty JOVIN! She came later than us as she is from Butterworth. When she reached, I was like And then straight told her,

“NI HEN MEI LE!!!” LOL! I could not control myself by that time. Nice meeting you and we shall meet up for another time. 😛

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Oh ya, she is very tall as well! 170cm Exactly the ideal height of mine. OMG. Almost to perfect!

Okay, it’s time to post up some photos from the shooting.
This time the collection that I shoot for is White and Comfy. All in white and one piece! Easy to wear. LOL

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Me like this very much! LOL. Because my legs looked longggggggggg. 😛

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The top that I love the most out of all. :3

You like them? Quickly head to Chill’n Chic page and make your orders now! Every piece selling like hot cakes.

Thanks for the day and nice to meet all of you! Love it! Hope to have another chance to work together again ya..



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