Problematic ‘K’

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problematic k
You know what,

I often get annoyed by the people or friends who loves to reply a

‘K’ or ‘K.’

Neither one is better. Both of them are equally bad, for me.

Yea, it’s not necessary for you to reply a longggg sentence. But, just reply in a proper way, I meant politely?

I always think that emoticons play important role in messages. Either in Skype, Whatsapp or whatever social platform la. Emoticons will determine if you’re a nice person! HAHAHAHA! I think la. Let’s say,

“Hey, can you help me buy a bottle of mineral water? 🙂 It’s okay if you can’t. Thank you ya <3”

Imagine, you ask your friend in this super polite way. Yes, I called this “polite”. If you think it is not polite, I don’t know what is the definition of “polite” lol.

Least, there is a smiley and,

Least, it’s comfortable when people read it, don’t you think so?

I always put 🙂 behind of the sentence, no matter what.

However, it is always disappointed when people reply in this way,


I often pissed off by the “k”. Seriously, if you reply in this way, I will think it as you’re not willing to help me, mind as well you just reject to help me by then?


At the least, you should reply “Okay” . It means a lot please.  “Okay” is always better than “K”.

If I were the one, I will reply “Okay, not a problem :)”

Can you see the difference between them?

I’m not requesting people to reply me with enthusiasm. I’m just requesting people reply me politely, the least I feel comfortable when I read it?

Done bursting out lol, finally. Coz I wanna write about this long time ago lol.

Well, nvm.  No one is perfect in this way, everyone has its flaw or maybe some kind of attitude problem. Disclaimer: I’m not saying that I don’t have attitude problem, I do have okay? Don’t misunderstand okay?

But, I will keep continue to do what I think is right. Keep replying people politely and pray for them. So that, they will reply me politely in some day….. over the rainbow~ Okay la, ignore my last few words. HAHAHA.

I often remind myself with the bible verse,

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you…” (Matthew 7:12 NLT)

Exactly, if you people to do the same way to you, you have to do the same way to others first. Yea, sometime people might not treat you the same way. But, you just gotta keep doing until one day, they do same way to you. *Achievement unlocked lol

Keep believing. Keep praying. Keep enduring. This is what I do.

Somehow, you know, patience has its limits and I’m a hot-tempered person. So yea, I’m still doing it, learning… Long way to go babehhhhhhhhhh.

Share with you the song that I keep on repeating for this week lol.

Royals – Lorde. Super love her voice, why I don’t own voice like hers. T_________T



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