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By 五月 19, 2015生活, 跟我吃吃吃

quick update (1)

Bello! I’m backed. Like finally, my laptop is backed to me and I can continue blog with it. Blogging with company’s laptop isn’t convenient at all because don’t have Photoshop and other editors to edit photos.

And I don’t know, it’s not mine. I don’t feel like doing my personal things with it. That’s why I lost the mood of blogging LOL!

Thank God that it can be repaired and doesn’t cost a bomb!

So for this post, not going to share a lot. Because I still need to edit photos lol! So I will just do a quick update about what’s happening. Or maybe what I ate? 😛

Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Don’t judge. I know I’m late. Believe it, it’s my FIRST time to dine in here lol. Best friend was having a good mood and decided to bring me to have a good brunch 😀 So here we go.

quick update
Simply loving the environment. Cozy enough for chilling. However, I suggest to go earlier so that you won’t feel so freaking hot. We went there at around 12 something which was super hot weather.

quick update (16)

quick update (2)
Without any hesitation, I ordered green apple juice due to the hot weather lol.

quick update (3)
His Mocha.

quick update (4)

For food, I chose all time favourite Egg Benedict.
quick update (6)
I guess it’s the best in Penang, so far lol.

quick update (5)
His super big breakfast. Frankie Breakfast? If I’m not mistaken. I was shocked when it was served, never thought of it would be that BIG, HUGE.

quick update (7)
Grilled Portobello with Garlic! I can’t tell how much I love Portobello! This was the best among all. Yes biased like this.

quick update (8)
Don’t care, eat first.

quick update (9)
My satisfied face, nom-ing the yummy food.

quick update (10)
After eating, we played around with the new lens that captured this photo. Super clear, highly focus until I can’t lie.

Yea, I’m lazy to the extend of drawing half of the eyeliner onlyemoticon (12)emoticon (12)emoticon (12)emoticon (12)

Brown Pocket, Gurney Paragon

Texted Carmen earlier and asked for a meet up, I miss this girl so much! It’s great talk with this girl. Updated each other about recent life, sharing new knowledge. To be honest, it’s hard to find a girlfriend who can really talk with, for me.

I don’t know why. My girlfriends are very limited emoticon (12) You can check on my blog posts and the same faces will appear one lol!

Went for brunch and didn’t take any photos because we are too hungry. Next round, we went for dessert to continue our sharing.
quick update (14)
Ordered The Light Body, recommended by girlfriend.

quick update (15)
Antioxidant juice. Apple + Grape

quick update (13)
Tadanggg. Here is my pretty bao bao. As now both of us have to work, the time to meet up also lesser. Anyhow, we promise each other to arrange the time and meet up more frequently! Chu~

Dated with Charlie

quick update (12)
If you wonder who is Charlie, please stay tuned for my next post. He was the one who caused my face to be like this! I need to share this so that you guys can avoid and don’t experience what I had.

 emoticon (7)emoticon (7)emoticon (7)emoticon (7)
Hope that my face will not have scars!

So I guess that’s all for my sharing. Tomorrow will do the update again. Need to pick up!

Till now and then! Good night



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