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React or Response?

By 六月 16, 2015亂亂想, 生活

react or response

One of the things that I always thank God is my current job. I thank Him for opening the right door and path for me. Frankly speaking, not everyone can find their first job successfully, especially fresh grad. Yet, the working environment is superb; the people that are so friendly (at least I don’t feel there is any politics).

Most importantly, I learnt new thing everyday! And it’s the job that is so much related with my passion and dream. Tell me how to not being thankful all the time. All glory to Him!

Recently, company provided a business coach course to some of us. Another thing to be thankful, to be selected as a part of it. (Coz not everybody was selected lo! 😛 ) Basically, it’s a course that helps to renew and transform our mindset and apply to our life.

The first lesson was good, even though I was half awake during first half session emoticon (12)

To summarize, the sharing from the coach is actually what I’ve learnt from my church, yet, I don’t really apply it. I guess it’s another hint or reminder from God that I should revise the words. I think I should share it with you guys too!

There are two type of behaviour after an event/thing/shit happens. As the illustrations above shown, one of it is React; another one is Response.


Most of us will behave like this after a shit happens. We love to blame, love to ask “why”, love to deny it and so forth. This is a nature human behaviour.


I guess there is only 10% of the human on Earth that will have this kind of behaviour lol! This group of people will choose to take their ownership, accountability and responsibility. In other words, they will take the shit and solve it.

So which type of behaviour are you? I believe most of us choose to mumbling, complaining when shit happens. This is normal because we are all human being. However, we should learn to take up the responsibility and solve the shit, instead of blaming and complaining.

Isn’t true that blaming doesn’t help to solve the problem? So why not we just learn to calm ourselves down and then think of the solution slowly?

Till now, I’m still learning not to complaint whenever shit happens. Yes I understand, when shit happens you will get panic. However, you have to think it another way round, all these problems are meant to shape and polish your attitude and capability. Most importantly, you will learn something valuable, something that teachers don’t teach in school.

It’s all worth after all.

If you need to de-stress, find the right person to talk to and encourage your to move forward. Remember to surround yourself with positive mindset people. Don’t let the negativity drag you down.

So learn it up and be hopeful to life!


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  • Reload Food 說:

    it is great if you can find the right person to move you forward, glad that you had found one~ =)

    • nicccchang 說:

      Don’t misunderstand me. I’m saying that you should find those who can encourage you to listen to you. not about spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyone, as long as they are positive one!

  • 懒の人 說:

    i used to complaint when shit happens!haha
    well, i feel it is OK if you are not that kind of extremely complaint and keep on complaint for few hours or even few days at the same incident!
    Complaint just way to release you stress or the unfair feeling.Sometime i may have the feeling if i dont voice up , it make me feel like i have something that i couldn’t release. And as all ‘Da Gong Zai’ know, that is not everything you can simply shoot back to you boss eventhough you are right and you have facts.Then, i will complaint to my friend, after that everything resume back and i find my way to settle that shit.
    Although complaint is not a good thing, but sometimes we still do it to make us feel better!hahahahaha
    Just make sure, if you want to complaint, please find a good listener not a good speaker….

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