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Reminiscence: How I dumped my Mum at roadside

By 六月 27, 2014亂亂想, 生活

Reminiscence How I dumped my Mum at roadside

Tonight, an important night for me. Because I just signed a baby.

Yes, I’m getting a car, that means I need to feed this baby every month. No more spending money on the other stuff. T___T Awww, I told Mum that I need to grow up a lot in all of sudden lol.

Because of this baby, I resisted myself to head over to Singapore to find my beloved Ipoh Kuaikaz. Hey, it’s Sugar’s convo okay? I planned to go, however, I can’t. I’m so sorry Sugar (We used to call him Sugar, isn’t sweet?). But I’m glad that he understood my situation. I will send my present over okay, don’t worry, it won’t be a paper flower HAHAHAHA. Coz I don’t know how to fold.

Okay. The main point of this post is not about this lol. Whenever talks about car, I will never forget the experience of dumping my mum at roadside ACCIDENTALLY. To be frank, is something that my family won’t ever forget HAHAHA.

Not purposely okay? I’m not a bad daughter until the extent.

I wrote this before, somehow, the post was fulled with vulgar words. So I decided to write a new version of it lololl. Improvement: I cut down a lot of ‘WTF’ lol

how i dumped my mum at roadside

This incident happened 5 years ago, when I’m 18, that’s the time when I just got my license P lol. My mum was good, she wants me to practise on driving. So she stopped at the entrance of our house area.

Then we exchanged seat (Of course) I sat at the driver’s seat. My Mum sat at behind passenger’s seat.

I asked, “Miii, you sit behind?”

“Yea, cannot meh?”

“Owh okay, can.” I was very busy adjusting my seats, mirror and so forth.

how i dumped my mum at roadside (1)how i dumped my mum at roadside (1)how i dumped my mum at roadside (1)how i dumped my mum at roadside (1)
You know the newbie’s style lol.

“BANG” Door closed, I thought. (Actually my mum went down to the car and want to sit infront but I didnt know)

So I started to drive without noticing my mum went down from the car.

On the way, I still ask my mum “Mi ar, change gear now ar?”

I thought my mum did not want to bother me, maybe I asked stupid question so she did not want to answer. So I just looked infront with full concentration lol.

Until I reached my house, I want to find the key to open gate (Noted that it is an auto-gate, so I needed to find the keys)

Once I turned behind, wanted to ask my mum where’s the keys.

I was like,

Owh My God, Where’s my mum??????

how i dumped my mum at roadside


I stunned. Gosh, I left my mum at the roadside!!!!! So I quickly went back to the spot where we exchanged seats.

Almost reaching, I saw my mum was walking to home HAHAHAHAHA.

My mum went into the car and then non stop laughing

This kind of laughing you know. I also laughed.

We burst into laughing, even harder, when my mum told me that, she actually chased my car and knocked the car. BUT I STILL DIDN’T NOTICE IT.


From that day onwards, my mum never dares to let me drive again.

If you wonder, why my mum did not stop me by calling me. Her handbags and all the stuff were all inside the car. So basically, she had nothing with her by that time. HAHAHAHAHA

So she now is damn so worry about me, if I can drive in Penang the small island. You know driving in Penang is like driving F1 there lol.

Don’t ask me. I DON’T KNOW HAHHA. But I have to know and learn to drive in Penang.

So I pray now. Dear Lord Jesus, I submit my car and myself into Your hands, please protect us whenever we go and remind me to drive smart constantly and most importantly, show me the road because I’m a road blind. In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN!

I have God’s protection. DON’T SCARE JUST DRIVE. LOL

I hope you have a good laugh though. Coz whenever I tell my friends this story, they will go

Then some of them labelled me as LEGEND, CHAMPION or whatever terms which indicates ‘geng’  hahahahah.

I think I’m awesome huh? Actually I’m quite proud of myself le for doing such silly things because nobody else could do this except me.

how i dumped my mum at roadside (2)how i dumped my mum at roadside (2)



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  • iluvtattoo 說:

    thou this wasn’t the first time that i read about this car incident, but it was still hilarious

    thank got it was your mum and not me else ………

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