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This is very important in life. I mean it.

A person who doesn’t know how to respect people, no matter how great or successful you are,

You’re sucks, still.

Especially the words you speak, they have the power of destroying or loving. It depends on how you speak the words. Watch your words, seriously.

Some of the people. They are successful in their career. They have cars houses and everything. Yes they are successful, I cannot deny that. One thing i dislike is that they think they are good in everything.

You’re successful, yet, it doesn’t mean you are good in everything.

God creates each and everyone of us differently. Each person has its own identity and given talent and etc. You are good in certain things but not everything. Noted, NOT EVERYTHING.

People who successful in career should behave, especially their words. I’m just so sick of people who love to show off how successful they are, like what they did, how they handle this and that.


For these people, i suggest you to go and learn how to share your experiences to help people. Take note on the tone and words you use. The way you convey your message is very important. So you have to think before you speak. Or else, it will turn out a bad one, showing off.

Sharing life experience is different. It is a suggestion, guide or teaching from you. You dont force people to accept/agree the way you think or you did. You are just telling them your experiences.

Showing off is sharing how great you are now. It’s different with sharing life experience. Your spoken words doesn’t contain any values, that we should learn. All you do is just to show how good/great/successful/clever/smart you are.

Worst of all, some of them always love to influence other people to be in their way, follow their way.

Everyone has its own lifestyle and thinking. We are different from each other. God created us and He planted a different seeds in our hearts, different characteristics, different personalities, different hobbies and so forth.

So we have the choice to choose what kind of life we want, what we want to do, what we desire. So these human just gotta learn how to respect people, respect their choices, their lifestyle.

Stop being ego, be humble and have a heart of willing to learn all the time. You are the elder, it doesn’t mean that you have to be ego and look down those who are younger or less experience than you. You know, sometimes you can learn some little things from kids. Yes, even kids.

Ego doesn’t bring you far and respect from others. Being humble and willing to learn is the way to live your life.

I used to speak without filtering nor thinking nor consider the feeling of others, but I’m glad that there are friends who being honest to me and told me that I should not behave like this. This is love from them, I thank God for this.

I’m still learning, still learning and keep learning. I hope you too.

Just some of my opinions.



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