RIP grandmama

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Finally, after busying for a few days, funeral of my dearest Grandma came to the end tonight. Tomorrow will be sending Grandma to 慈悲园 which located at Rawang. I think the name of the place is not wrong lol.

She was the greatest Mummy and Grandmama on Earth.

Thanks for giving us a great Mummy. Without Grandma, my mum won’t be here and us, won’t be even exist. I think I crapped. lollll.

I miss the time where Popo woke us (cousies, elder sis and I) up and brought us to have morning jog. No jokes, we woke up at 5am plus. I used to have healthier lifestyle when I was staying with popo. LOL.

I miss the time where Popo protected me from Mummy’s canning or comfort me with food (favourite chicken rice in Kuang) after kena Mummy’s canning. LOL! She loves to comfort us with food I don’t know why. Teehee.

I miss the time where you smiled so happily when I gave you money last two year (When I was working).

I miss gossiping with popo as well. We talked bad about other popo. HAHAHAH! Joyful overload. 😛

And blissful when she always remember what’s our favourite food. She remembered all her grandchildren’s, not only me. Whenever I visit her, she will cook my all time favourite soup 猪肚汤 until her hand was injured and stopped cooking. I will never forget how she kept calling me to drink more and eat more. <3

My popo is a person who was quite strict and love to follow ‘laws’. When eating, both hands must on table, one hand holding the bowl and another hand feed yourself. Yea, you know some people always just feed themselves and another hand hide under the table. Yea, she taught us a lot of manners and how to talk in a proper way as well.

After all, she was too weak to fight with virus and decided to leave us on Monday, 5.22pm.

Never forget how heartache and dilemma whether to take away the machine pipe and etc from her body, as doctor said she was depending on those machine completely and all her organs were malfunction. After discussing, the adults (her 6 children) decided to release her pain and suffer.

Just in 22 minutes time after taking out the pipes and etc, her heartbeat stopped and she left peacefully. All her children and grandchildren were by her side and talked to her before she left. 🙂

I know she could listen to us. 🙂

You will be miss always and live happily with cousin brother in heaven and ofc bless all of us!! 😀




I love you. 爱你哦!



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