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This is a post with only words, completely wordy.  I need your patience to read it, hence. No worries, I’m not going to use all the jargon words that everyone don’t  understand. Because my vocab also limited AHAHAHAHA. Gonna do some readings to brush up anyway. T____T

It happened yesterday.

It’s a very pretty good morning. I woke up and got ready to head down to my second home and “camping” (Do assignments) with my girlfriends. Unfortunately, it closed, I have totally forgotten Monday is their off day.  A quick discussion with them, if we should drive out to look for another cafe.  Due to super crazy hot weather, we decided not to drive out, just head to the nearer place which is Oldtown.

We flipped the menu once we sat down because we were so hungry.  I took the set menu and Catherine took the Ala Carte menu.  In all of sudden, the waitress asked me,

“You want to order this???”  With the emotionless, as if I stepped on her tail, face.

I looked at her. Then she continued,

“Ini breakfast menu tapi masa sudah over. You mau order ini? Sekarang lunch set menu”

I was seriously so pissed off by her. Harlo Aunty! How was I going to know that the set menu which I held was the BREAKFAST SET MENU. Weren’t you suppose to change it before I took it?

Okay, if you really forget about to change the menu. Can’t you just ask me to reconsider to order from the lunch set menu, POLITELY?

I didn’t voice out, I didn’t scold or anything. I just stared at her with angry face. The two girls who sat opposite of me looked at me and laughing there lol. I had no idea, they love to laugh at me when I’m on fire lol.

Okay fine. We continued our work and so forth.

About 3pm, another waitress came over with another menu. Then she looked at me,

“Lunch.” Pointing the menu (The menu was quite far away from her.)

My eyes opened real big and looked at her. Are you kidding me?

She was ordering me to take the menu for her.

Again, I stared at here whilst took the stupid menu for her. Then she threw the new menu on the table and walked away.


She ordered me to take the menu and also put the new menu for her. Hello??? I’m the customer and you’re the waitress. You should have given the best service to me. She made the situation to, as if she is the boss and I’m her worker.


This is such a bad service and rude. They can’t even ask politely. If you ask politely, I would do it for you, willingly, without staring at you. And, if they are non-malaysians, I still can understand why they behave like this. But they are Malaysian and I won’t tell you guys about their races, in case you think I’m racist.

I’m not really racist. I “racist” toward some kind of people.

Again, the two little girls laughed so hard when they saw my angry face and reaction. They claimed that my reaction is the funniest lol.

Until yesterday, only, I realized that I have the highest level of patience.



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