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Sam’s Groceria

samgroceria (1)

I don’t know about you but I enjoy to do grocery shopping or wet market lol. Kind of housewife lifestyle, I’m surprise that I am so joyful that Aunty gave me the spring onion for free! LOL!  I told my mum, I am so aunty because I damn freaking happy with free spring onion -______- My mum laughed.

However, I do shop at premium store for some ingredients, especially the ingredient of western food. I know right, not all the supermarkets provide the ingredients of western food. And guess what, I found a premium store which sells most of the western ingredients!

Courtesy to Henry, I was invited to the launching of Sam’s Groceria at Straits Quay.
samgroceria (2)

samgroceria (22)
It is located at the ground floor. To be exact, it is at your right side from the main entrance of Straits Quay.

samgroceria (5)
After register ourselves, we just hang around the market. It is really very clean and organised store. Most importantly, it does not stink.

samgroceria (11)

samgroceria (20)
60% of the goods are imported ones. So I believe the vegetables and fruits are fresh enough! 🙂

samgroceria (19)

samgroceria (3)

samgroceria (10)
You can even find the fresh seafood from Sam’s Groceria.

samgroceria (4)
There are a lot of choices that I believe you will dilemma! LOL

samgroceria (7)
My favourite section! CHEESE! Gonna start to grab some western food recipes! teehee
samgroceria (7)

samgroceria (12)
Other than than, you can still find local food and drinks too!

samgroceria (16)
MY MILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! People can’t live without coffee. I can’t live without MILO!

samgroceria (18)
The spices.

samgroceria (8)
What I really like about is the organisation of the store. Each section has the BIG and CAN BE SEEN lable so you won’t heactic to find just one item. If you’re someone who shop groceries, I bet you know what am I talking about.

samgroceria (9)

samgroceria (13)
And you can find the price checker easily too! I tested! Can use one. 😛

The price checker is amazing too coz you can print the coupon with your Sam’s Groceria Family Card!
samgroceria (21)
They have 1 main and 3 supplementary cards, where you can give the supplementary cards to your friends and family. The best thing is all points will be contributed to the same main account (means your account coz the main card is yours lol)

samgroceria (14)
The staff and Datuk Wira.

samgroceria (24)
I took my lunch at Sam’s Deli on the day too! Thanks for the RM10 voucher!

samgroceria (33)

samgroceria (30)

samgroceria (29)

samgroceria (25)
The portion of the food can scare you off. Where you can find the Nasi Lemak with full egg on market nowadays and it is only RM2.50

samgroceria (26)

samgroceria (27)
This mashed potato scared me away! I can’t even finish it, took it home and made it as my dinner.

samgroceria (23)
To be honest, I quite enjoy myself to shop at Sam’s Groceria! Thank you for the invitation and family card! Definitely will make my second visit soon! 🙂

Oops, did I tell you that SAM stands for ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’? Before knowing this, I thought Sam’s Groceria is not local premium store HAHAHAHA. 😛



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