Say Sorry Doesn’t Mean that You’re a Loser

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Sorry. S-O-R-R-Y , a simple word yet powerful.

However, people used to ignore this word and take it as humiliation. They think that saying sorry it’s something shameful.

They think that only loser will say sorry. So they rather give up something that is so valuable, something that money can’t buy – relationship, than saying sorry.

In short, they overlook their pride.

In every relationship, couples, friends and family. Arguments will happen as all of us are human beings only. We do speak something wrongly, do something wrongly and hurt someone indirectly.

We realised it’s wrong. We know that it’s wrong. And you don’t know what to do to mend back everything.

Sometimes we think that the things can’t be solved because we have already done it, spoken it. We can’t keep back or back forward.


Things are always simple. Those who are being hurt, just waiting for you to speak out

A Sorry.

Yes, just a sorry. It can tell that you realised that you are wrong.

A sorry can tell how much you value the relationship.
A sorry can mend back the relationship. Erm, perhaps? At least it has 80%
A sorry can help each other to grow in a relationship

People always say that it’s just a sorry so what. But the fact is, it has the healing power.

Okay, unless you kill people mother father or what. Then it’s different story hahaha.

Put down the damn ego. It doesn’t bring you far. You don’t know if say sorry can mend back everything, or can ask for forgiveness. At least, say it and let them know that you realised that you’re wrong. Let them know that –

I still treasure our relationship, can I have the second chance?

Of course, You have to make sure that you don’t repeat same damn thing laaaa.

Say sorry, would you?


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