Me say

By 一月 4, 2015亂亂想

me say

Lately, people love to ask me a question,

Are you attached? You seem like attached.

My question to you,

Can I know what is seems like attached? LOL.

And I’m glad to tell you that I’m not seeing anyone so far, not at all.  I’m too busy for my dream, for my goal. I promised myself that I won’t be in relationship for at least two years. Answer your question?

I’m not trying to shut down every window. I’m still being who am I, but being more focus on myself.  Okay, my bad.  I’ve been rejecting all the outing with friends lol! I’m sorry for that because I really tired after whole day working and then I wish I have some personal time to do my own things. 🙂

And, missing in action doesn’t mean that I’m attached okay? Please stop guessing behind if I have something on with Mr X or Mr Y. Please, if I’m in love, I will be announce to the world and tell everybody that he is the one who I’m looking for and I’m proud of him.  I won’t hide okay. If you wish to know something from, just ask me straightly, you don’t need to guess behind of me.

That’s all I want to say, stop guessing around. I’m here to tell you I’m not attached. I’m just focusing on what I should do. Kthxbai.


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