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We always talk about how to take care our hair, our skin, our hands and so forth. Most of the people forget about our feet, even myself don’t really care for my feet. My bad, I’m so sorry to my feet!

Many thanks to Scholl for bringing up My Velvet Smooth campaign and remind me to take care my feet as well!

How to get rid of the hard skin on your feet? I believe some of you face this kind of problem where your feet grow a layer of hard skin, which we called it dead skin.

It’s better to have pedicure once in a month. However, I understand not everyone have the time to do that, especially for guys who definitely feel embarrass to visit nail bar etc.

Buy the manual foot file and file it yourself? C’mon, it’s so tiring to hold your leg and file yourself! And it take longer time. Agree???

Now you have the solution for it! myvelvetsmooth (1)
Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File! Say Thank God!!

myvelvetsmooth (12)
The design is really nice. I love the holder and the design which ease me to file my foot! myvelvetsmooth (13)

myvelvetsmooth (5)
Let’s look into the structure of this electronic foot file.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File comes with 4x AAA batteries! Isn’t good? You don’t need to headache where to find the batteries because you can get it everywhere. Coz some electronic products required you to get specialized batteries which really causes troublesome and…EXPENSIVE.
myvelvetsmooth (11)

myvelvetsmooth (14)
Switch. Just twist it and you can use it! So effortless.

myvelvetsmooth (4)
It has the side button so that you can take the Micralumina head and wash it.

myvelvetsmooth (6)
It also comes with the cover to protect the Micralumina Head, as it can be used for few times. So that it is protected from dust when you are not using it.

myvelvetsmooth (7)
When you on it, it will file your foot gently. It doesn’t hurt your feet, no worries.

myvelvetsmooth (2)
I tried on my feet. It helps to ‘peel’ my dead skinin few seconds. It’s really amazing.

Because of this campaign, I only take a look on my feet. They are so dry and cracked omg. Blame myself for being too lazy to put on lotion on my feet. I will be more diligent and put lotion every night before I sleep.

Anyway, please take note on this. This is very important. Before you file your foot, please make sure you’re not under strong wind. Switch your fan mode to the lowest. This is because the skin flakes will be scattered around, fly everywhere LOL!

Don’t say I didn’t remind you okay? xD

And, are you ready to see something gross?
myvelvetsmooth (8)THE BEAUTIFUL SKIN FLAKES! For your information, I just filed one of my feet. o.O

myvelvetsmooth (9)
Close up. I know it’s disgusting, but I want to show you how effective is the electronic foot file. I just roll it on my foot for like 5 minutes? So free and easy and then you can have your soft beautiful feet.

myvelvetsmooth (10)
Please do clean up after filing okay? Terrible. I felt disgusting by looking at it.

myvelvetsmooth (15)
After filing, I don’t feel my sole is as hard as before. It really helps on removing the dead skin and leave a smooth and soft surface for your feet. I know right, cracked sole, too dry. I swear I will put on lotion every night.

myvelvetsmooth (16)
Basically, I filed the three areas that are hard like stone. Now left one more step to have beautiful feet! LOTION! I need to stop being a lazy bug.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied and surprised with Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File.  It’s really remove the dead skin (hard area) effectively and effortlessly.  But the only thing that I dislike, it’s really noisy when it’s operating.

I know you must be wondering if there is Micralumina Roll refill packs to purchase. Yes, Scholl is dedicated enough and create refill pack for you as well. (I will take a photo of it when I receive it, still otw to Penang LOL)

Wait, it’s not the end yet! For my readers, please head to MyVelvetSmooth (<<click on it) ‘s website to redeem your RM10 discount and purchase the electronic file now! Teehee.

I hope you find this post useful.



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