Seafood trip @ Tanjung Tualang

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Okay. I want to faster post this up and back to study!

Here come the second trip to Tanjung Tualang for seafood! The first post about Tanjung Tualang will be here! Teehee. We miss it too much so decided to pay the second visit!

The miss Lulu who was trying quite hard to stop us go Tualang. LOLLLL.

Departed from Ipoh around 6pm, okay, actually we’re late. We planned to depart at 5pm one le. LOL. Next time the time must shift one hour earlier because the outings sure one hour delay one, every time!

Skip the boring words from me. I found out that all the people don’t like to read words. They like to see picture. Okay la, I will post more my photos next time. 😀 😛

HAHAHAHAHA! I laugh once when I see this photo. Photoshopped max weyy. Okay, show you the original picture too.

Pathethic. T____T The eyes are smaller obviously and the skin. T___T I want my baby skin back. I will sleep earlier and more! Erm, try my best okay.

Btw, I edited two to three photos then lazy to edit. So tired. =..=

On our way to Tg Tualang. Wheeee. I was really happy you know. I could meet up some of my beloveds who I miss so much! Especially my pupu, I didn’t see him for ages!

So much fun of blowing water in the car. Okay, most of time I let them teased one. =o=

As usual.  We went here,  Restaurant Yew Kei to have our seafood din din.

 Dong dong! I want to eat them up pls! RAWWRRR.

Walking in. Our Liang liang’s sexy back. LOL.

Actually I felt myself like sam pat because took the camera capture here and there as if I never eat before. Okay laa, nevermind. I just do whatever I like. Kai xin jiu hao. ^^

Trust me. The empty place all filled up within a minute. :-S

We were seated with this ‘FU’ . Hoit ar! Fu qi lai ba!

And I found out that my dear pupu’s face actually quite match with the ‘FU’ . He got the ‘Fu’ face. LOL! Looked at his hair, forever the same hairstyle. Tell you what, no matter how he cut his hair, it will be the same! LOL. Unless he go and botak then we can see the change of his hair.

He still told us he wanted to cut TOP’s style and dye the mint colour too! Oh gosh, you can’t handle it lo. 😛 Too far away from TOP laaaa. X)

Squeezed eyebrow. His zhao pai dong zuo. LOL. Whenever he studies, squeezed even hebat!

Everybody too hungry. We starved ourselves before we came. Haha. Ate the peanuts once it came and before I captured it. =o=

Chinese Tea. 😀

YUP! MY MOIIII! I miss her so much and finally could meet up! We hugged and screamed when we saw each other face and started to chat like nobody business! I miss whispering with her in the car! LOL. You know some secrets only share with girlfriends. 😛

Where’s my MISS CHAN XIN YI!? My another girlfriend! 🙁 Too bad she couldn’t make it for that night. Awww, I will see you soon. Next week and next week! Please miss me.

And I want pillow talk!

CHOK face of the VIP yesterday night. We treated this dinner as his early birthday celebration because he so bad luck that his birthday banging with Mother’s Day. So Sunday we need to free ourselves for mothers. So yeaa. 😀

Laughing very hard! LOLLL

My dear Sugar and Jimmy. Erm, feel a bit gay loo. X)

My turn! Kiss kiss. X)))

Okay! Should stop posting up all the crazy photos! Let’s talk about food first!!!

Lala! Very big and juicy!

Direct translate from Cantonese, Ubi daun.


This one taken with my baby S2. NICE.

Fried BIG Prawnsss babehhhh! Awww. I’m so hungry le!

King of the Prawn! King of the Prawn!

Steam BIG Prawns!

Ta ma de wtf. The prawns seriously BIGG! King of Prawn king of prawn. Long live King Prawns!

Omg! Okay, I’m missing it I’m missing it!

This failed so sad! Can you see the yellowish liquid of the prawn! Prawn’s brain they said. I love the suck it so much! Err, sounds wrong. :-S

He took quite some to finish up this prawn! King of the KING! ^^

Sotong. Regretted with this cooking method. LOL. Should be deep-fried calamari!

Taufu! Home-made taufu! Yummy yummy ^^ LOL. See the small prawn. Pupu said ‘This is prawn seriously????’ HAHAHAH!


Salted-egg crabbsss FTW!

Like war. We messed up the table!

My area which with the most tissue paper! LOL. Not willing to eat the last two lala!

 Nom nom nom nom.

The trend nowadays! Check-in, take photos and INSTAGRAM! 😛

HAHAHAHA! This one made us laughed like mad. Okya, lazy to explain and you guys wont get the point of laughing if I ever explain. X)

My moi kept asking which filter can filter the prawns looked even delicious and yummy. HAHAHA! And she loves this pic so much. LOL.

 haahhahah! I photoshopped this! Until my Sugar very cute. X))) Error, I forgot I zoomed the lens so yea only half of my face. =.=

Yayyy! Blissful with the best friends around me! 😀

The handsome guys! 😀

About how much we paid, I don’t want reveal here. 😛

We went for the Pasar malam located outside of the restaurant to have some walk. Too full, BLOATED. Usually we will be excited with the pasar malam snacks food, but for yesterday night, we were like not interested with them anymore!

Home after that. 🙂 Mummy asked me why come back so early! wtf. LOL. I reached home at 10pm bitch pls it’s damn early.

I did enjoy the night with them. We always do something ridiculous like yesterday. We sang in the car like karaoke. Everybody imagined themselves sang for live ( like the artist sings at the concert ). Parked the car at aside to sing together only willing to leave. HAHAH! And all the people outside looked at us you know. ‘Wtf are they doing inside the car?’ They probably thought of this, I guess.





Imperfection was not all of us could make it. 🙁  I believe there’ll be one day where all of us meet up and crazy together! No! Soon, soon!

I feel thankful always! 😀

Alright, gtg. I blogged for one and half hour wtf.



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