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Aloha! I have been busy for these few week and so sorry for the hiatus. In case you miss me

People often asking me,

Where you buy your clothes one ar? So nice quality.”

Thank you so much hahahaha.

I usually shop online. It is rare that I buy clothes from shops lol, unless there is a big sales or anything lo. Or, something that I really like it so much LOL. 😀

Seriously, I’m now so pro at shopping online that I can even predict their quality roughly. So if you want to buy something online and not sure, can consult me HAHAHAH. Or I might do a post on HOW TO SHOP ONLINE. 😛

Just to share some dresses that I shopped few months ago. All from Hutz Fashion.

“We’re the first moving fashion boutique in Malaysia.More than 500 types of fashionable yet affordable clothes are available. Kindly call us for appointment and our on wheels boutique will drive to your doorsteps.Call us now to check on our location!!”

This miao miao dress that I fell in love once I saw it. So decided to grab it down because the quality of the dress is good! Cotton material which is not too thin and too thick as well. Definitely suitable for the weather of Malaysia, 24 hours summer. -.-

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Even my darling girlfriend asked me where I got this dress because she loves it too!

Second dress that I got from them is this Daisy dress!
I always love things with flora. But not the real flowers ahahhah.

This Daisy dress is made of chiffon. Bottom has an inner layer too. So girls you dont need to be worried about transparency and ‘see through’ LOL. If you get what I mean.

Third dresses that I got from them will be a little bit sexy. Floral bustier chiffon dress.

I like the colours of the floral. :3 Not too fake, not too real. LOL

This is the behind. I’m so sorry for the photo quality. Too expose, but nvm la hor. LOL All this photos I took with iPhone5, some self-timer apps. 😛 Li hai or not. xD

So girls, go and have a look on their page for their new arrivals!

Anyway, good news for penang lang. Hutz Fashion has a shop in the island!

If you wanna to pay a visit, here is the address:
34A, JALAN PENAGA, 11600 Penang, Malaysia.
Mon – Wed: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fri – Sun: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

That’s all from me. I have more hauls to share soon lol. Because it is Christmas! 😛

Have a good night everyone. :3 See you.



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