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Sister’s Convocation + Second Johor trip

This was my second trip to Johor. The previous one was downed for cousisn’s sister wedding lunch.

So again, PAIN IN THE ASS. =_____________= and woke up early too. 6am again. This time even worse than the first one because the sister and her boyf and I downed to Johor from PENANG. Okay la still, not me driving. If I drive, I think it will be an excitement for everyone because no one can sleep. X) If you’re interested, read how I dumped my mum at the roadside.

Once reached, we headed over Johor Premium Outlet to have a walk. Both of them wanna buy stuff. Sibeh  ho liao them, they received their salary and now shopping also looking for branded stuff one! Unlike last time, they don’t even interested with shopping. Pheww~ This is human. 😛

Them. A very cin cai couple lol. They don’t dress up for outing one. X)

I thought Johor Premium Outlet is really something super premium. I expected it will looked like Pavilion. Somehow it kinda disappointed me. It’s open-air mall and it located at super san ka la place. =_______=


Luckily it’s not a hot day, if not hot die already. X)

After that, we checked in to don’t know what hotel. It’s just cheap small hotel which near by my sister’s uni. Then headed dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. I always be the brightest light bulb every. Oh yea, another friend of them too. HAHAHA!
They said their favourite restaurant during uni time.



And oh hi, it’s me! 🙂

Bread as starter. It served with black pepper sauce. Weird. Normally it’s served with butter or vinegar with olive oil. LOL. Okay, something new. Not bad though. 🙂

Sister’s Aglio-olio with bacon.

Friend of them’s . Obviously it’s something to do with cheese. LOL

Sister boyfriend’s beef burger. I should take this.

This is mine. Seafood aglio-olio.

Then backed to hotel and watch drama and waited for family to reached in Johor and that’s called a night.

The next morning, sister’s convocation!
Flower which my mum bought for her. This costs hundred plus wtf. I rather used the money to buy handbag. Told my mum not to buy flower for me when it’s my time to graduated.

This was for sister’s boyfriend.

My aunty who sayang us very much. Love her heaps. She flew all the way from Sarawak.

My mum wore sister’s jubah lol! I don’t know why this photo looks funny to me. HAHAHA!

Baby sister forever blur blur.

After getting ready, we went to sister’s uni. Daddy, baby sister and I decided to leave the bloody hall as we knew it will be super boring inside. So yea, my mum and aunty stayed. And glad that I was not inside. My mum said she almost fell asleep inside! Imagine how boring was it!

My pretty face tq so much.

And my #ootd for that day.

Three of us went for lunch and shopping at Sutera Mall. Daddy had his own entertainment there so le baby sister and I loitering around. And we bought the litle pressie for sister to congrats her.

My sister. Teehee.

Had choco brownies for high tea.

And this is what we bought. Sister is the big fan of OP.

Her favourite character of OP. Chopper and Lufyyy~

Us. I hate her once she doesn’t allow me to sign in my instagram with her phone lol. She said she forgot the password so die also doesn’t allow me to sign in.

But I still love her anyhow. Especially when she annoyed by me. HAHAHAH

HAHAHA. 😛 She asked me not to upload this picture. Going to upload soon! Don’t worry.

Enjoy to play with her. Or should I say kacau her? xD

Back to UTM at around 4pm, they’re done inside the hall. Imagine from 12pm to 5pm. =____=




The couple

And yours truly 🙂




Please, my convocation. I don’t want plush toy and flowers as my present. I want handbag and pretty clothes or any thing related with beauty. My sister said she will give me Anpanman! 🙁

The next day, we went for photoshotting. Family shoot and sister shoot.

I miss the otak otak from Pontian. The best Otak-otak.

Yum yum~

And this tomato wan tan mee in Pontian too.




This mee sua yummy!


The end. I guess no more Johor trip.



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