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Skin Care Review: Pure Heal’s

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Well, it’s just another usual day for me bcause I’M ENJOYING THE FREAKING HOLIDAY. Muahahahaha! Okay, skip all the crap and be serious now. 😛

I’m going to share the some Korea skin care products from Hermo.my with you in this post! Yes, Korea again, guess I need not to explain why I love products from Korea? Their skins are super awesome! :3 And I’m still on the way to archive the perfect korean skin. Teehee.

Thanks Hermo for giving me the products and try them out. Now I have the chance to share with you guys. :3

Three Pure Heal’s items: Propolis Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml; Galactomyces Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml; Galactomyces 20 BB Cream 35g (Hada Labo and the Gucci perfume is decoration lol)

In case you don’t know about Pure Heal’s,

Pureheal’s is a company which focuses in skincare product ranges. Pureheal’s collects and searches plants, fruits and flowers around us in pursue of effective skincare ingredients. Most of its products are made from 100% essential oil and highly enriched natural material obtained from the nature. Therefore, their products are free from harmful chemicals and they are never involved in testing their products on animals!

(Yellow) Propolis Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml: Functional energy mask contains propolis extracts which soothes the sensitive and troubled skin

(Red) Galactomyces Dual Energy Mask 20g + Ampoule 2ml: Functional cream contains 70% of fermented Galactomyces extracts to brighten the skin filling with clear light and energy

I haven’t use these masks because I think they are good and wanna left it the last to use. LOL.

So let me share with the Galactomyces 20 BB Cream 35g

This functional BB cream contains Galactomyces that reinvigorates the skin for brighter skin tone.

I think this BB cream works well on me. It brighten and whiten up the skin and my skin become so like really flawless, near-to-perfect skin. Further more, it acts as sun block with SPF37/PA+ Convenient right? You can just straight use this cream when you make up. Don’t need to put sun screen then again another layer of BB cream lol. So many layers, skin cannot breathe.

See the difference! I think it’s quite obvious. Perhaps you would say it’s the photo lightning, but in real, it seriously give the whitening instantly. :3  (Ignore the black spot lol. I hurt myself with hot water and now waiting that black skin to peel off itself)

Put on my face and give it a try. 😛 Because I love the feeling after applying it. Fresh and comfortable, I think it is suitable for sensitive skin. Because my skin is like super duper sensitive thus I cannot simply use facial products. Or else, I could not imagine what’s going to happen on my face.

So, it’s safe if you have sensitive skin.

The before and after. So what I really like about is, it gives me the brightness instantly. Don’t you think so? My skin is more to yellow then after I applied it, it’s like so fair! (I think i’m not fair but a lot of people said that I’m fair like ghost. o.O )

Imma in love with this BB cream so much! Thanks Hermo.my for this gift. Really appreciate it!

I got all these skin care products from here: http://www.hermo.my/pureheals

Anything regarding skin care you can ask me! LOL. Because I realised that quite many girls love to ask me what I use for my skin and etc. Heheh, I dont mind to share. In fact, I shared them out in these blog posts:-

Do visit these few links, if you’re interested:

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