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SkinnyMint Teatox Review

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (3)

If you follow my Instagram (@nicccchang), I bet you’ve known that I took up the 28 days challenge of SkinnyMint. This post is gonna write my thoughts of the tea.

Design Packaging

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. To be honest, I quite love their design and colours and how they “lock” the tea inside.
Skinny Mint Teatox Review (7)
Isn’t they look pretty?

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (8)
It has the zip-lock for your to keep the fragrance of the tea and keep them fresh! And I personally think that it’s quite convenient.

However, don’t pull it too hardly. It will break, as I accidentally broke the zip of my Night Cleanse teatox.

About SkinnyMint

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (5)
For your information, this teatox is NOT those tea that can help you reduce weight and cut off fat. In other words, it’s NOT a diet tea.

Frankly speaking, I’m quite annoyed by most of my friends who keep on asking me, “Is the tea can help on diet?”

Not completely on diet, it helps you on the detoxify the toxin from your body. Imagine, if you keep working out, but the long term exposure to toxins affects your metabolism, digestive system and etc. Your work out will not be effective yet it might be worse.

That’s why a lot of health articles that you can found in the market, they encourage you to have balanced diet, detoxify your body and work out for a healthy body.

In conclusion, teatox is a bonus that helps you for detoxing and makes your work out even more effectively.

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (13)
SkinnyMint is 100% natural tea detox program, special scientifically developed herbal blend from Germany. I personally like the 2 steps programs, Morning Boost and Night Cleans,  which give different functions.

Morning Boost

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (11)
The moment I opened up Morning Boost packet. The sweetness of strawberry and pineapple immediately flowed out. The only thing that came across my mind, “Oh Shit, this tea is gonna be like sweet one”. This is because I personally don’t like to eat sweet stuff.

However, it did surprise me that the tea tastes like normal tea. The sweet scent still there but best thing is you don’t really taste it. I replaced coffee with this tea, as it contains caffeine.

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (10)
It helps to increase your energy. burn fat and reduce appetite.

Some questions you might interested to ask about Morning Boost:

How does it taste?
I mentioned above, it tastes like normal tea but it smells sweet.

How many times should I drink for it? Can I refill hot water after a class?:
You may refill and drink it a few times. However, you are recommended to drink it before 5pm as it contain caffeine which might affects your sleeping time lol. I will refill 2-3 times per day.

Does it really help you to increase your energy level, reduce appetite and burn fat?:
I can’t tell for the burn fat, I think it helps a little. Regarding to the energy level, it did help me to be awake at work. Lastly, appetite, I don’t really know about as I considered myself as high control. I can resist myself from eating junk food.

How do you feel after drinking it?
Honestly, I feel extra thirsty after drinking it. My oral felt quite dry and it actually affect me take in water even more than usual.

In short, I felt Morning Boost doesn’t really give me a big effect. BUT, the best thing comes, (keep on reading)

Night Cleanse

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (12)
I personally in love with the Night Cleanse teatox. This is because the Ginger scent is super strong! And guess what, I love the scent of ginger but I hate to eat it.

emoticon (12)emoticon (12)emoticon (12)
Don’t judge, I’m weird like that. So it’s sort of perfect for me.

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (6)
I love drink this tea during my personal time where I can do my reading or watching some youtube videos. This double up my relaxation!

Some questions you might interested to ask about Night Cleanse:

How does it taste?
The taste is heavier compare to Morning Boost. If you love Ginger scent like I do, you may soak the tea bag longer with hot water. The scent will be stronger when the tea bag soaks longer.

How many times should I drink for it? Can I refill hot water after a class?:
You are recommended to drink ONE time for Night Cleanse as it’s quite strong.

Does it really help you to reduce bloating, improve digestion and lose weight?:
I would say a BIG YES.

Let me share my experience with you. After drinking this tea, I had a super good sleep every night. It’s super deep in sleep until the next morning, you could wake up yourself automatically, without the help of alarm. This actually indicated that you body is charged enough!

Next, I did my big business constantly in the morning. Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not diarrhea, a normal shitting. This solved my constipation problem and helped me to detoxify everything that stored in my intestines for years. Say yucks?

How do you feel after drinking it?:
Again, I felt thirsty after drinking this tea. I don’t know is it only me. Anyhow, I think it’s a good point which actually indirectly to drink more water.

Before & After

Here is the section that you are more interested in, I think.

Side view

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (1)
As you can see, my lower tummy is less bloated compared to the 28days before. Amazing? Yes it is. But I would suggest you to continue your work out and becareful of food intake as well.

Front View

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (2)
Needless to say? Give me some time HAHAH! I will have abs! 😛

Skinny Mint Teatox Review (4)
Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the result of this Teatox program. Thanks SkinnyMint for having me! I really enjoy it and if you ask me, if I would re-purchase after few months later?

Yes, I will. Because the Night Cleanse Teatox really helps a lot, in term of detoxifying, it did the best.

To summarize, Teatox did assist me to detoxify and solved my constipation problem. Even now I’ve finished the tea, I continue to take care my food intake and go to toilet to do big business constantly too.

However, it doesn’t really help to reduce bloating of my tummy much.  I guess to cut down fat, we really need to keep exercise.

Gently remind again, keep your work out routine and take care of the food intake. Together with the assistance of Teatox, you will achieve for your desired body shape.

Don’t forget to visit SkinnyMint for more information:
SkinnyMint Facebook Page
SkinnyMint Website

Happy working out! Be healthy. Interested with Home Workout? Look what I’ve shared in this post!



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