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Super in love with the new photos that I have taken recently, with my i5 and with the apps of self timer LOL.

Nothing much, just wannna share some new buys and photos lol. I drafted a few posts. Just need to do some amendment before publishing it. 😛 So just stay tune.

Bought the new sports shoes because the old one is too small for me and made my feet so pain. So, my feet are still growing. -______-

Thanks Zalora for the RM100 voucher! So I got to buy this with cheaper price (Cheaper a lot man lol)
Then sent it to my friends and they commented a bit too man for me. They said I should have pink shoes instead of black. Nvm, I still love it. Hahahah.

Food that I cooked. I never spend any single cent in this week you know. My mum loves me so much and buy me a lot of vegetables and fruits and let me to bring over to Penang. Save money and more healthy!

Went for photoshooting few days back. I will blog it out when I got all the photos. Hopefully the outcome is good because wearing HIGH SOCK MADE ME LOOKED DAMN FAT FAT LIKE FATTY BOOM BOOM.

That’s all for this post.



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