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How’s your Lunar New Year?

As usual, mine, as boring as going to class. Okay, a little bit better than going to class. Because….

I have the bloody bed with me! HAHAHAHA.

Okay la, I’m not like others that got really really excited for CNY. To be honest, it’s good to spend the time with family, somehow I think it’s too long period for me to stay at home lol. You know, the adults seriously love to spend time in the kitchen, especially the women. They can just spend like 4 hours in the kitchen lol, to talk and cook together. While for us, the younger generation, spending on watching TV….

Erm, no. Not really, most of us will spend time on iPhone-ing and iPad-ing.

For me, I spend time with the BED. My forever boyfriend. Yea, sleep deprived is not a thing during CNY. Definitely had more than 10 hours of sleeping.

Yea, red packet is a must during CNY. I’m not really into it. Because I don’t receive a lot of red packets like others do. Some of them could receive the total amount 1k. So I really wonder why lol, as my amount always less than 500, which considered as ‘little’.

Whatever, it’s not so important. Yea, still important but just not VERY important ahahahah. I still love to receive red packets. XDD

I guess I’ve been talking too much. Here’s some pictures to sum up my CNY. 新年的帖子循例都要写一次,一年一次,哈哈!

The first time we had the reunion dinner at restaurant. I would like to say that, it’s suck. The service suck, food suck, crowd suck. I still prefer home cook. No pictures coz it was too crowded, I dislike the atmosphere. Hence, no mood to take pictures.

But I have the picture of us lol.
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Elder sister, yours truly and baby sister.
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Blessed to have them. <3

Chor 1
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Believe that I only bought a top for this CNY. Yea, just a top from ZARA lol.

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And a picture with dad.

Headed to KL to visit relatives and cousies
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Busy eating Ba Guaaaa. Look at my mum lol! I asked her to do a fake candid and here you go.

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Food, caused me to became a fatty. Serious, I have been eating like a dinosaur, thus, the shorts nowadays are real tight. T________T
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So love this super huge bak chong.

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Say hi to Clement! New born baby, one week old baby. I’m really amazed by His beautiful creation.

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Gamble is a must. However it’s not my thing. I won 6bucks only. -.-

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Back to Penang and gamble with my kakis. Worst night ever, I really don’t have luck. Lost 50bucks in one night.

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Please explain to me. From A to K, the largest range, I could kena the ‘tiang’. Okay, I kena ‘tiang’ for like whole like night wth.

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And hi, we drank half bottle. Awesome lol.

That’s all bye.



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