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Spade’s Burger, not a poker. :P

By 五月 19, 2013生活, 跟我吃吃吃

So title says it all. This blog post is about BURGERSSSS.

Last Wednesday, I joined a food review with whole bunch of bloggers. I always like to attend all different kind of events and mixed around with people. It’s good to see everyone there! Catch up with some old buddies whom thousand years never meet with each other. Also got to know some “facebook friends” if you know what I meant, HAHAHA!

So let’s skip all the craps and sharing time!

This blog post gonna make you drool, so endure a bit la. LOL.

Picture from Jhxia. One of my facebook friends, hahahah! Finally got to meet her in real life, so cute and talkative like me. So GOSSIP OVERLOAD AGAIN. You know girls. Teeehee. More to come! And also very happy la! I met up with Henry who invited me to this food review, Camy, Sherlyn and Fione. All long lost blogger friends. :3

So charcoal bun is the trend now. Thanks for the invitation and I can have the charcoal bun for the first time in my life. LOL. Sorry la, I have been grounded at home never taste charcoal bun before. HAHAHA!

I thought the charcoal bun would be a hard and a bit of crispy. Out of expectation, the charcoal bun is sofy sofy. Super soft and like usual burgers. LOLOL! I know I damn sampat!

The first burger we ate is the Porky Pair (RM9.90)

So my picture is not that nice. Another one from Jhxia one! LOL. I swear next time should take a better angle. All the pictures not so nice with the angles. Burgers is hardest thing to capture. LOL

Why Porky Pair? It’s because double oink oink. Pork patty and Pork bacon. And the sauce is quite special for me. I can’t describe how was the taste for the sauce but it’s very tasty, not too sweet nor salty. The combination of the whole burger is really very “smooth” to send into my mouth. 😛

If you think Porky Pair is too small for you, you can upgrade your Porky Pair to Full House of Pork – RM15.90  where by, everything is double. LOL.

Spade’s Hot Chick – RM9.90 (Single)

It is featuring chicken thigh and bacon and a single cheddar cheese and their secret recipe sauce. The filling sauce I like it. :3

Again, you can choose to upgrade to Queen of Spade’s – RM15.90 ! Same la, everything double double double double!

Okay! If you don’t like all those meat, you can have the ‘vegetarian burger’!

Shroomception! Zingggg, it’s my favourite out of so many burgers i tasted! It was super awesome and another thing was I can feel less guilty to my body weight. LOL! Not so heavy burgers mah. :3

It features 2 types of mushrooms shiitake and enoki that is generously scooped into an upside down, deep fried panko-crusted portobello mushroom, sealed with a layer of cheddar (however for picture purposes, the shiitake and enoki mushroom is placed above the cheese instead).

Guess what? This burger hasn’t launched yet. Lucky me got to taste it first before launching!!! The reason I super love this burger because I love mushroom! Yes, any kind of mushroom! Especially the gold needle mushroom. HAHAHA!

The price is estimated to be below RM10.00 and it is not recommended for taking away as the panko crust will turn soggy after some time, thus its original taste and texture gonna be ruined. :O Straight eat on the spot la okay? Not really a big one also. :3

Check out their Facebook page for their latest update! :3 You won’t wanna miss any good burgers. Hhehhehe.

Temporary location is now at (Soon will be shift to another place, will update at their facebook page!)

2-G-8, Pekaka Square,
(Next to Maxim Dim Sum)
Taman Pekaka, Penang.
Everyday : 6.30 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Closed on Thurdays

Happy burgering~ Onomonomomnomonom.

p.s: If you wonder why there’s no any photo of human because all the human busy eating and I looked retarded that night. LOL. So didn’t selca. Don’t miss my face. 😛



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