Special Long Cruller King, Penang

By 七月 12, 2015生活, 跟我吃吃吃

Yes, it’s gonna be another food post again lol!

He and I love to eat everywhere. Erm, technically, it’s only me who loves food so much. I have bigger appetite than him to be honest lol! But it’s okay. He will always bring me go wherever I want and EAT! Super guilty and tomorrow shall hit to gym!

Alright, gonna stop the grandma story. Shall we let’s the picture to do the talking?

special long cruller king penang  (13)
At first, I thought it’s a coffee shop that serves you YouTiao and drinks. So I was kind of disappointed that it’s just a shop that sells YouTiao and for take away service only.

special long cruller king penang  (1)
The que was god damn omg LONG lol!

special long cruller king penang  (3)
Here you go the super long YouTiao!

special long cruller king penang  (5)

special long cruller king penang  (6)
There are 3 flavours that you can choose, Meat Floss with Mayo, Tuna with Mayo and Hotdog with Mayo and Chilly sauce. Initially, I wanted to buy all the flavours, but too bad that Tuna was finished!

special long cruller king penang  (9)
This is the Youtiao with Hotdog.

special long cruller king penang  (11)
The Youtiao itself tastes quite not bad though. Crispy enough but it’s quite oily. Maybe I myself don’t really like oily food. I think they are just soso and not really special. Boyfriend is someone who likes YouTiao a lot, he said he likes it.

special long cruller king penang  (10)
YouTiao with meat floss. Honestly, I prefer this more than the hotdog one lol.

special long cruller king penang  (12)
These 2 boxes of YouTiao costs around RM6.90. I forgot the exact amount, but it’s around that range. I think it’s quite expensive because it’s just a longer YouTiao and inserted with the ingredients.

Mind as well, I buy some cheaper YouTiao and insert the ingredients myself LOL! However, boyfriend thinks that it’s quite reasonable. Maybe he loves it or whatever lol.

Or maybe, I’m Auntie-minded. Seriously, with RM6.90 I can eat super good economic rice or other stuff lo! Anyway, if you are interested to try it out, here are the details:

Special Long Cruller King

Location: 1250-A Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Paya Terubong, Pulau Pinang
Business hours: Mon, Wed – Sun | 6.00am to 5.00pm
Contact: 016-4337301



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