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Yea, it’s another shooting in the past busy months! And, I have to thanks to Jxhia for recommending me to them. Seriously loving this girl so much. I love how she takes her friends seriously and help them till die one. Thanks dear. xx Shall meet soon, with another three girls. Gotta arrange some meet up when I back in Penang.

Btw, the above picture doesn’t look like me right? HAHAHAHA! I was informed with thicker eyeliner. So I drew a thicker one. 😛 Brows also thicker than usual HAHAHA!

So my Jxhia came and fetch me and then we chilled at Piknik while waiting for the talented photographer. Then…. I finally got to play with Jxhia’s TR15. 😛
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Can see the different? Power of the God camera! OMG, how i wish I own one but it is too expensive. :/ The price I can buy a DSLR. >.< But it is seriously amazing at perfecting your skin (though my skin is almost to perfect. HAHAHAHHA), shape your face and I found out that,

It can actually smooth your hair as well! Oh my. And make your hair shinny shinny!

No picture with baby Jxhia, we took a few. But she said ugly cannot post. LOLOL. This girl always complaint she is ugly but I think she is very pretty lo! Sometimes wanna punch her one especially when she complaint she is fat. xDD If she is fat, then I must be a giant.

So changed, and here we go
mind fuck (6)

I had to be a bad girl for that day. LOL! SWAG baby!
mind fuck (1)
And I super like the way they work. Super fast and efficient! Guess how long the photoshooting took?

ONLY ONE FREAKING HOUR!!! Photographer Justina is just too great in this which I like, seriously liking the speed!

mind fuck (3)
And I really like Jxhia’s one. She is really good at posing. And her red hair is a bonus!

mind fuck (8)

mind fuck (2)

That’s all for this post ya. Any new picture from them will be uploaded on Instagram. So do follow me. 😛

Anyway, if you like the pictures, you can contact Justina for more information. Or if you would like to purchase the INDVDLTY T-shirt, you can visit


Thanks Mind Fuck for having me for this lookbook of INDVDLTY! Nice working experience with you all! Thank you once again! :3



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