That brake

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that brake
If you see this image and wonder why,

I’m really a Big Head Prawn, the king of it.  I was in the hot soup yesterday, nearly.

So close.

To summarize the whole story,

“I drove all the way from town to my current place.  I would say it is a long distance and drove almost half an hour. Until I reached home, I only realised my car was burnt (got smoke that kind) and smelly and lastly, ”

“I realised I forgot to release hand brake.”


I told my mum, sisters and cell group members as well. These are FAQ from them about this accident.

1.  Didn’t you feel your car is a bit “choking” and hard to move?

Me answer: Sorry, I no feel at all LOL!

Their response:
that brake  (1)


2.  What car is that? Didn’t it give the signal for the hand brake?

Me answer: I saw an exclamation mark but I didn’t know that signal is for hand brake LOL. Now I know.

Their response:

that brake  (2)


3.  Can’t you smell the smoke?

Me answer: Can’t smell anything in the car.

Their response:

that brake  (3)


4.  Can’t you see the smoke?

Me answer: I saw the smoke from the side mirror. I saw smoke, I thought it was normal LOL.

Their response:

that brake  (1)


5.  When you realised your car got problem?

Me answer: When I almost reach home, I only realised my brake malfunction.

Their response:

that brake  (4)


Are you doing the same response? LOL!




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