The Limestone’s Fine Dining Restaurant

So this post supposed to up long time ago. LOL!

Boyfriend and I decided to have our very first dinner at this restaurant before Valentine’s. But, Valentine’s menu is too expensive so gave up and went there earlier instead of Valentine’s. LOL. 😛 Have to take care Boo’s wallet, and my purse as well. We poor fuck. =________= LOL!

So here we go.

Wonder if you can see it. Bare with me. Camera’s bad at night. :-/ Saving money for new camera. LOL. A lot to buy, new phone, new clothes, new bags, new purse, new shades. DIE.


So that is the candle. LOL. Small candle light dinner. I want something like hong kong drama one. LOL

Bread as starter.

So boyfriend and I already decided what to eat before we came. LOL. We free until kaji the menu on Internet and choose what to eat. LOL. Life like this. <3
So I chose Chowder soup. Too bad laaaa, too many capsicum. I is hate capsicum. So exchanged with boyfriend’s 😛

Mussel soup! Super yummy lor. Thankyou boyfriend. HAHAHAH! 😛 Luckily he eats capsicum one.

Here comes the main course. My cod fish! Missing it already! VERY DELICIOUS. And feel so healthy la. Because got vegetables and mango. LOL.

The first bites I thought it’s an orange. So after the second bite only knew it’s mango. Boyfriend looked at me and said ‘You dont even know how to differentiate mango and orange.’

LOL! Sorry la, tasted wrongly for the first bite. 😛


His main course. The worst of all. King prawn fettuccine alfredo. KING PRAWN???!!

Excuse me then what is this?
Eherrm. 😛 Okay la, be fair. Cannot compare like this. 😛

Dessert time!
Homemade ice-cream! Thumbs up! Super yummy. There’s dark chocolate in it one. Missing it so much. Probably will go for second time for the dessert. :3

Don’t know what wine pear. I hate it so much. Puke. But Baby loves it so much. He said it’s best for the night. =__= Are you sure? 😛

Thank you Baby for the dinner. :3 Definitely enjoyed the time and must spend more quality time with him before he leaves me. 🙁

Last, #ootn All from IHF. 🙂

Love you bits. xx

I know you love my hair right?? Hair curl tutorial coming soon. <3



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