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Things that I learnt from “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift

By 九月 9, 2017亂亂想, 生活

Oh HI! HAHAHAH! Do you miss me? At the moment, I’m having flu in all of sudden. Not sure why, but I’m flu once I woke up this morning.

And, I suppose to be sleep in but I just couldn’t sleep! Yesterday, I intended to fully utilized the time of today to do cleaning but too bad, FLUUUUUUUUUU. Hence, boyfriend doesn’t allow me to do cleaning because it’s gonna make my flu worse. So yea, here am I.

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook (@nicccchang), I’m into modern calligraphy and water colour recently. Thanks to my friends aka colleague, they influenced me and I found out I actually do love this new hobby. Because, it makes me calm lol. (They found out that this is the only way that makes me keep my mouth shut, literally, being silent while drawing lol)

Well, I’m surprised too. So just right 5 minutes ago, I drew this, whilst listening to Taylor Swift’s new song – Look What You Made Me Do.

*Ignore the ugly snake hahahahaha It’s really hard you know!

I bet you are not strange with this song, as it seriously going viral.

I watched a lot of Youtube videos saying about the revenge of Taylor Swift with this song. And most interesting part is,

Reading the comments of each of the videos

I’m thrilled reading all those comments. Anyone else love doing these? Instead of watching the video again and again, but reading the comments.

It’s fun to see every different reaction and of course there are some mean and harsh comments too.

Anyway, get back to the song. Or else, I’m gonna lost again from the topic LOL!

Again, I guess you are familiar with the dramassss of Taylor Swift with all her ex-boyfriends, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, the leak of the voice recording, Katy Perry and etc. But today we are not going to talk about all these drama but my opinions.

#1 The Truth

Guess what, I think that we all will never know the truth behind of these dramas. You can’t look at the explanation of both parties because all of them is to protect themselves. You support TS, or others? Whatever.

See, the truth is – All these dramas will get your attentions or maybe your support. But maybe the truth is – Nothing happened between them, they just want to create some drama to seek attention? Possible?

It’s possible. 

We don’t know. And one thing I learnt is –

Never trust the words from social media or wherever platform.

The rise of social media has made a huge impact towards our life nowadays. Everything posted on social media or internet, you can’t 100% confirm that it is true.

So yea, just read and go. Don’t believe it 100%-ly. Especially the gossip, a very good example, TS’s dramas LOL.

#2 Enough of Dramas

I’m thinking. Why none of them has a thought of stopping all the drama? Does revenge a necessary? And this brings me to the point of view below:

Believe me, blogging is never as good as you think. How to say.. Guarantee you will have drama and you will never know who is really really real to you. Blogger friends? Sorry, I chose to not to be too close anyone of them. I’m scared. Not saying myself a coward, but I just tired with all those dramas.

For eg, When A is with you or talking to you, she is fully supporting you; But when A is with B, A will talk bad about you and saying some of the things that is not true. Or, they will back stab each other while they called themselves best friends on social media, to the public.

With the dramas and sort-of-losing direction, I started to slowly do a quit of social media or blogging, means I purely just want to do it as my interest, my passion. Not just for money. year, I’ve been blogging because it helps to earn some side income, last time. But I realised that the way I blog is gonna lose my own personality, my own thing.

I’m tired of maintaining my social media with all quality pictures and not the moment. Oh I tell you, quality things need time and patient to produce, it’s not easy. And yes, those photos are indeed awesome, but for me, kinda “commercial”. I like the things with personality, even it’s a bad quality picture, but it captures the moment. That speaks.

To be honest, I just want to get more “likes” on social media last time, as it will be my portfolio to show clients, that I have bla bla bla followers, bla bla bla likes, so that they will work together with me and I get incentive. Soon I realized, I’m losing myself, I don’t know who am I. And this bring me to the next point below

#3 Focus On Love, Life

So yea, that explain why am I becoming less active on social media. Okay la, not to say less active, but shifting focus. I focus on the things around me, the people around me etc. And my new pet! She is sucha adorable one, if you wonder, she is a dog. HAHAHAHAH.

I capture everything around me, the things I love, instead of being “commercial”

Focus on everything about life, love makes me happy.


I hope you, the one who reading this post, do not believe what you see on social media. People won’t post about their bad thing on social media. So do not simply envy their life, you will never know what they have gone through. Just focus on yourself, made comparison with yourself, that’s more than enough. Make your life meaningful and interesting, live with no regrets.


so.. see ya! I will see yo when I have some thought next time. hahahahah! Bye!


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