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Personal + Sponsored post

Finally here to update all my post about trip trip trip. Just a small trip. I always love to travel but the money always is the problem. Fuhhh. So just play within Malaysia first. LOL.

#1 Penang

I bet you’re wondering why was I going to Penang since I study and stay in Penang most of the time. Just because it’s trip with whole bunch of friends and boyfriend, once in a while and it’s hard to have sucha trip with a big gang and since everyone is so onzz. So just go ahead with them. Somemore this time got boyfriend. HAHAHAHAH! Kill me.

Not much photos taken though. Just a few. Those group photos not uploaded yet. 🙂 I will update this post again after I got the photos. Woohoooo.

Oh Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I looked damn pale because I was sick. No good.

Boyfriend was one of the driver for this trip!

First stop to have the laksa. This was not from the Ayer Itam one, from Falim I guess. LOL. I also didn’t know where I went for having this laksa. Just some place I never been to. HAHAHAHA.

Kek Lok Si after that. For second time visit. First time I went with my beloved darlingsss, if you keen, read here. Teehee.
#OOTD Ombre Purple Pink top from all time favourite online blogshop IHF; Lace shorts in black from IHF too.

Super loyal big fan of IHF. Told you, half of my apparels are from them. Teehee. Can’t wait for their new launching now!

Visited the famous Penang Street Art like finally. I never been there even though I’m staying there. LOL.
Saeksarn’s face. Macam Yes! LOL

The main character for this trip. Yikhoe planned this trip just to bring him play around in Malaysia. Lazarrrrrrrr from Australia! I don’t know how to spell his name.



All the bossesssssssssssss.


Hi. Sometime need to be zi lian yi xia. LOL.

Stopped at here for quite a long time. lol

They happy to be bang! The face expression failed.


The love bird

We went for dinner after this. And then Marshall burger after dinner. HAHAHAHA!

Marshall burger located at Jalan Burma. I know where is it now and i can go! So near by to my favourite Starbucks branch! Teeheee. Gonna grab my girlfriend along and eat next time!

15 of us flooded up the shop. LOL

Harlo. Here come The Bull from Marshall. Jeng

Jeng jeng jeng jeng. I will definitely go back and eat again!

Piknik after that! Yes! I finally been there. I will pay for second visit to taste the waffles.

That’s all for Penang trip. HAHAHAH! No more pictures already. LOL. Because second day I was just staying and relaxing at the homestay we rented and sick. =.= Boyfriend forced to stay with me and doing nothing whole day and sleep. LOL. Cirit birit, flu, sore throat all best friend came together. -________-

#2 KL

Burn money trip. We planned this before the boyfriend and I get together. I meant when we were still buddy. 😛 I never thought of this could be happened. LOL. So thanks God!

Early morning went to KTM and down to KL. What else, sleep during journey. It’s always easy to fall asleep in boyfriend’s hug. :3

First stop! Hokkaido Ramen as lunch!
Mine! LOL. Super huge set. I ordered this just because of the steamed egg. No side order for steamed egg one. 🙁 So yea, I chose this and boyfriend helped me to eat the sushi.

Boyfriend’s. I forgot what name. Different type of soup one. Super yummy. All damn jeng.

Shashimi. Craving fixed. :3

My Super bare face. 😛 Still pretty hor.
#OOTD Pink dip dyed with Spikey Top from IHF; Cross Denim from IHF too! 😛 Officially can be their ambassador already lor. Hehehehe. But it’s true that they always provide good quality apparels and it’s the reason why made me so loyal to them!

Walked to our hotel and took a rest before meeting the moi, Chienwei at Pavilion!

Change outfit again. Once again, all from IHF. HAHAHAH! 😛

Damn pale. While waiting for moi. :3

So the photos with the moi I will upload later. LOL. Waiting her to give me the pictures. :3

Shop shop shop. I spent in H&M the most! All damn cheap please!

Night dinner time. Chienwei went back earlier as she took public transport. So boyfriend and I dine in at………………….
TGI Friday.

Macaroni Cheese!!!


End of the first day and both relax in the room. Definitely enjoyed the time with this boy :3 Pillow talk. Kekeke. Appreciated the time we have for each other.

Second day, Midvalley.
Fish Market for our first meal.


Wore the new shirt from H&M on the next day. What’s this. LOL

Garlic Mussels

Boyfriend’s favourtie. Not bad not bad. If it’s hotter, then it will be even better!

Mine. The garlic sauce is awesome.

Boyfriend’s fish&chips

photo (5)
One of my favourite shot with boyfriend’s iPhone. I love my hair here. HAHAHAHA ! :3

Shopped around! Midvalley is boyfriend’s place. I couldn’t buy anything from there but he bought a lot! Miss the time when being boyfriend’s kuli. LOL. 😛 But most of the time he be my kuli and nanny. HAHAHAH!
#OOTD Denim Jacket from IHF; Inner top from H&M; Studded shorts in black from Vogue Maison; Sneakers from H&M; Studded Bling bag from Alicewonders.com

All new stuff I wore them on the next day already. What’s this.

Walked whole day and I just bought a shorts from CottonOn wtf. Wanna burn money also cant. And it’s nom nom time again. Decided what to eat on previous night. AHAHHAA! So Italiannies, my all time favourite pasta!
Starter. Always love the bread.

Ordered a regular Shrimp paste and we shared. :3 So big portion. -____-

After taking main course of course we need some dessert right? 😛
Alexis for the super famous tiramisu!

Tired face after walking the whole day.

All boyfriend’s. -____- And once again, thanks Tim for dropping by and passed me the tablet!


Another best tiramisu that I ever had. :3

End of second day and spent some quality time with boyfriend’s too. :3 Never forget that night that he gave me the Swarovski. :3 Thank you baby. Love you heaps

Next day back to Ipoh, our lovely home.
photo (4)
#OOTD Tribal denim from IHF. Bottom I forgot what I wore. HAHAHAHA!

I know right. Whole trip is just about eat eat eat eat and eat! LOL.  A reason why my body is growing horizontally. OMG.

Also remember to check out IHF for their coming collection. :3 I already added them into interest list so that I can stalk their page. 😛

End my post. More to come. :3



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