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My mummy always complaint that I always wore those dresses which are too ‘open’ .
For example, the simple LBD black dress that I bought which cost around RM130.
Yes, the dress that I wore to Hennessy. I think it’s simple and pretty but my mum doesnt like it. Well, she has her own reason for dislike-ing it. 
Okay. Got what I meant? That’s the reason why my mum doesnt like it.
Mummy always love me to dress like a little princess and have been asking me to change my style to ‘si mun’ look. Actually I dont have any style, I love to wear whatever apparels which I like. As long as I comfortable with it, Me likey. 
Anyway, Mum have been nagging about it since dont know when. I know what she nagged is always for my own good. So decided to buy some dress which covered up my body one.
By dont know how, I found Whitesoot – the online shopping website. I bet everyone heard it before right? 🙂 For those who doesnt know yet, it’s your time to know about it. 
“Whitesoot is an online fashion store (female apparel) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whitesoot brings in high-street clothing at a fraction of the price.” 
Serious, the price of their dresses and tops is affordable. I can say they are cheap compared to the other dresses that I bought. :-S And ofc the quality is good too!
By dont know how again, I also found out that Whitesoot’s recent initiative: Whitesoot Blogger Circle which allows bloggers to receive complimentary clothing from Whitesoot every month. Sounds cool right??

I thought they will just allow famous bloggers to join the circle. Guess what they told me,
These bloggers don’t have to be very famous; they just need to have consistent updates and a certain amount of readership.
OMG right??? I guess it’s good news for every female bloggers, whether you are famous or not famous. As long as you have the frequent update, they will let you to join the community!

So I chose my first dress from them which my mum loves it so much too. 😉
I would like to say, their service is very good. They told me they mailed the dress on Monday and asked me to let them know after I received my parcel. If I didn’t get it in the next few days, they will help to ‘chase’ the pos laju and check out why it is delayed!

Where to find sucha a nice service blogshop eh? The blogshops that I usually shop, not to offend, but really their service is not as good as Whitesoot. :-X

Btw, I received the parcel on the next day. So freaking fast man!

And I wore it to my moi’s birthday dinner. Teehee. I really love the dress so much. 

*Ignore my face and hair please. I havent comb my hair.* Isnt’s it looks nice? And also it didnt disappointed me. The quality is matched with what I expected!

A near shot of the dress. Teehee. My friends said I looked good with it. 😛 

Best of all, it matched with the new bought yellow punk bag from MNG. Teehee. 

And even my girls love the dress and asked me where I get this dress! Fyi, they are quite picky in choosing apparels. 😛

So girls, what’re you waiting for??? Faster click a ‘like’ for their page and go to their website to choose the dress and top you want for. 😉

Oh wait, did I ever mention? 
They have new arrivals every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM!!! Great right??? Unlike some other blogshops which only have new arrivals once a month or two months. :-X I mentioned ‘some’, not ‘all’ kay. Dont spam me. 

And also they will mail all shoppers’ parcels the next working day. As I told you, they are very efficient so need not dont worry about how long the parcel will reach your doorstep. Trust me. 😉 And if you have any questions, just email them directly at shopwhitesoot@gmail.com. They will reply your mail within 24 hours.

Teehee, not to forget, I showed my photos featured with Whitesoot’s dress to my mum. She said, “Please wear more this kind of dress. Me much love.” Mummy happy, I happy. 😀

Girls, faster do your shopping at Whitesoot now!



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